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  • First Release (Any platform): Jul 14, 2021

Finding A Prince: The Game is a fun romp through the world of Dicelyn. In this fantasy world the evil corporation B.B.G. Inc has taken over most of the surface and only fought back against by the people of the town of Leftscren. It's in this town we meet our first brave hero, Navy, on her quest to find the estranged heir to the Dark Elf throne, a Half-Elf named Hanson. During the game you will find additional allies, obtain Hired help, wield relics and artifacts and die? Don't worry, you'll get better! Finding A Prince is a rogue-like JRPG with some light humor. Like most rogue-likes a single run may not take you more than about 20 minutes. However it's more about collecting all the game has to offer, playing through the game your way, building an unstoppable build and saving your loving prince at the end of it all. Finding a Prince also has a completely original Soundtrack that can be used in any RPG maker game with the extended version and can be used in any commercial game with a proof of purchase of Finding A Prince: The Game, along side credit to both Finding A Prince and Geraint Downing for writing the music.

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