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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Farthest Frontier
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Aug 8, 2022
  • Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Indie
  • Themes: 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate)

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Premium Cheats



No expense


Villagers are 100% happy
Villagers max 50% happy
Villagers full diet
Villagers Max 50% diet
Villagers full warmth
Villagers Godmode
No Illness


Min 50 manufacturing resources
Min 500 manufacturing resources
Min 50 storage resources
Min 500 storage resources


Villagers don't generate waste
+30% movement speed
-30% movement speed
Normal Villager movement speed
Select villager age.


Free Build
Fast Build
Easy Upgrade
Auto Upgrade


Min 50 consumable resources
Set Max HP
Heal building


Add 1 month
Subtract a month
Freeze month
Add 1 year
Subtract a year


Add 30% Fog of War clearance
-30% Fog of War clearance
Normal Fog of War clearance



Farthest Frontier is a great game. Using Plitch trainer you can also access a great range of cheats. Plitch Trainer offers around 40 cheats for Farthest Frontier. Thirty- four cheats are for premium cheats and the remaining cheats are free. 

The Fog of War


In short, the Fog of War is a fog that covers unexplored areas of the map once you have placed your town center. The fog can make searching for resources pretty difficult as you have to send villagers into unknown areas and look aimlessly for more resources. 

To avoid doing this take some to look at the surrounding areas before you place your town center. There is no fog before your town center is placed on the map giving you the opportunity to look for areas with good amounts of resources.

You will generally place your town center in a place near these resources but if you can place it near other areas rich in resources that are easy to find in the fog you will really benefit from the extra resources.

Free Cheats


The free cheats are:

  • Prepare
    Increase gamespeed
    Decrease gamespeed
    -5 days
    +5 days

Placing your Town Center


Placing your town center is an incredibly important decision in Farthest Frontier. You want to make sure that your town center is easy to access and is situated near resources such as water, trees, rocks, and animals.

Your town center is essentially the place you go to for immediate access to resources so be strategic about where you place it. Placing it far away from resources will slow down the time it takes for your villagers to retrieve resources.

Food, Food, Food


Food is undoubtedly one of your most important resources. Villagers need to eat. Starvation is a big demotivator. If your village goes hungry it will not last. Some easy ways to get food when you first start the game are fishing and hunting. This should provide you with a sustainable source of food until you can get farms going.

You also gather food from bushes that provide fruits. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make farms too early. Farms take a long to build and they most likely won't produce anything before the winter season. 

Storehouses vs Stockhouses


Storehouses are great because of their capacity for storing large amounts of resources. Unfortunately, Storehouses do not store logs and stones. That's where using stock houses comes in handy. 

Your villages will store almost everything in your Storehouses, but when it comes to logs or stones they will travel to where ever you have a stock house. That is why it’s best to have both facilities close to areas where villagers get resources. Especially for resources like logs and stones, try to have a stockhouse close by.

Clay First


When you manage to build a Wagon Shop you will finally be able to use resources such as Iron Ore or Clay. Start producing clay first. Whilst both resources have benefits to the growth of your town, clay has better immediate benefits like improving your town's healers and schools.

Improving your healers will have a great impact on your town's mortality rate by decreasing it. Improving education opens up many doors and improves other aspects of your town's development like healing, architecture, and farming. 

Iron will be beneficial for upgrading your town center and other buildings. It can only be used when your villagers have learned to smelt it as well. Focusing on Clay first will make focusing on iron later easier.

The Best Use for Trading Posts


Trading Posts can be very helpful if you get to them at the right time and have the resources they are looking for. Traders travel from town to town and can only be traded with when they are in your town. 

They also change what resources they are looking for so you might have an excess of a certain resource and want to trade it but can’t because they are not willing to. You would have the most successful trading in foods that would otherwise go off if you don’t trade them. Food is generally always in demand.

Keep in mind that you have to have villagers available to take resources to be traded with the trader. Take the extra money you earned from trading and use it to improve your town. Trading is a wise way of bringing in an extra cash flow for your town so try to do it as often as you can!

How to Increase your Villages Birthrate


In Farthest Frontier, there are a few ways to increase your birthrate. The first and most obvious is you need to have enough houses to hold a greater population. If you don’t build enough houses for adults to move into this will stunt the growth of your population and slow your birthrate. 

If you want villages to procreate make sure that you have enough houses to sustain population growth and encourage it. You can also increase your population and birthrate by accepting immigrants often. You won’t know when they will come but accepting them will add to your population.

Make sure that your village can supply the resources needed to provide for your population. If you have more villages than your resources can handle your villagers will die and your birthrate will decrease. 

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