Farming Simulator 19 Unlockables on PC

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Bonus Vehicles Unlockables

There are two special vehicles that cannot be obtained through normal methods in the game. Unfortunately, these three vehicles are restricted based on how you purchased the game, or obtained through DLC.

  • Mahindra Retriever Utility Vehicle – This comes with pre-orders or the Day One/Launch Day edition of the game.
  • John Deere XUV865M Gator Utility Vehicle – This is included in the Collector’s Edition or the digital Premium Edition.

Both are also included with the Season Pass. Future DLC will be included in the Season Pass as well.

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Questions and Answers

I   have   a   ps4   fs19   game..   How   can   I   obtain   the   downloadable   mods   off   the   net   onto   the   console   to   work   with   the   game,mods   like   the   peterbilt   ,   kenworth,   Ford   250   and   so   forth - Aaron Sane, 1 year ago - Reply  
How  to  start  a  vehicle  dealership  on  fs19  ps4? - Eli Jacobs, 1 year ago - Reply  
I  have  a  ps4  fs19  game..  How  can  I  obtain  the  downloadable  mods  off  the  net  onto  the  console  to  work  with  the  game,mods  like  the  peterbilt  ,  kenworth,  Ford  250  and  so  fort. - Eli Jacobs, 1 year ago - Reply  
On  the  PS4  can  u  start  a  business  like  a  dealership  and  if  so  how  and  where  do  u  go  to  do  it   - Ricky, 1 year ago - Reply  
Once  you  sell  animals  the  ground  is  still  raised  from  where  they  were  sitting.  How  do  you  get  the  ground  back  to  normal?  Ive  tried  plowing  it  and  that  didnt  work   - Adam, 2 years ago - Reply  

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