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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Expeditions: Rome
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jan 19, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
  • Themes: Historical, Sandbox, Warfare
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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Cheat Engine


Expeditions: Rome doesn’t fully support cheats on its system, but you can easily make use of a trainer. A great trainer we would suggest is Plitch. With Plitch you have a great variety of cheats you can access:

  • Set Health (selected Character)
  • Set Movement Points (selected Character)
  • Set Health (Highlighted Unit)
  • Unlimited Movement Points
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Set Rations 
  • Set Slaves
  • Set Denarii
  • Set Medicine
  • Add XP (selected Character)
  • Increase Level (selected Character)
  • Set Skillpoints (selected Character)
  • Low Health (Highlighted Unit)
  • Set Shield Strength (selected Character)
  • Set Armor (selected Character)

To use the cheats is also incredibly simple. All you need to do is download Pitch onto your PC, activate the trainer software with Expeditions: Rome by searching for the game on the app, and remember to choose the correct bitrate and platform you are playing the game off (e.g., 64Bit- Steam ).

You can set each cheat above to any short key you prefer (e.g., num 1= Set rations ). For cheats the increase XP, health, and resources, you will need to fill in a set amount that will be used each time you use your preferred short key. Before you play, go into the app and activate the trainer. 

Here's a tutorial on how to use Plitch and how the cheats work:

Helpful Short Keys & Settings


It also helps to use your quick keys to perform certain actions more efficiently. One great short key you can use is the “V” Button. This highlights all the items you can draw towards yourself, helping you not miss anything.

Use the pause button “P’ or pause from the menu when you aren’t playing. The game doesn’t pause automatically, so you might miss something if you leave it on. 

You can also change the difficulty settings while playing. If you are finding the game too easy, change it up a bit and take on some enemies with a harder difficulty. Likewise, do the opposite if you are finding it too difficult..

How to Start to Vinyard Quest


At the end of the first act, you should find yourself back in the city of Rome. This is where you can start the Vinyard Quest. Although this quest is optional. We suggest you take it as it helps you build a nice bit of denarii before you dive into the next act.

The quest starts from your home when you talk to Syneros. He will let you know how well your vineyard is doing and suggest you should take a trip to the market to sell the produce. Once you head to the market, you will meet with three Merchants; Cordius, Quintus, and Vipsanius. 

Each merchant will make an offer for your wine. Keep in mind at this point, you would experience a 5-year time skip forward. Cordius offers you 5000 denarii at the end of the 5 years. You don’t get the money instantly but will be 5000 denarii richer after the time skip. 

Quintus offers you 3400 denarii on the spot. Your family has a long-standing relationship with him as your father had business with him before. If you are taking the moral road with your character, he would be the right choice.

Vipsanius offers you 4000 denarii in total. He offers half before and a half after he has received the wine. Unfortunately, Vipsanius does not keep his word after the time skip. This leaves you with only 2000 denarii.

For the best deal, keep the time skip in mind. With Cordius you will receive 5000 denarii, Quintus 3400 denarii, and Vipsanius 2000. Clearly, we have 2 choices. The better of the two would be Cordius, as you earn the most. To keep a good relationship though, you might want to go with Quintus. 

Hades Gate Choas

Easter Eggs

Expeditions: Rome has become well known for its historical relevance and accuracy. 

The Choas gate is found in a different gate called Hades. In this game, you enter the gate and become chaos. In Expeditions: Rome, the gate is found on a corner near a building but, unfortunately, is not accessible as in Hades.

A Menhir for Divitiacus

Easter Eggs

This is a side quest in the game that can be done by talking to Tinu, Divitiacus’s son. Your quest is to fetch menhir for a small village in Western Gaul. The Easter Egg here is that this random travel event actually makes reference to Asterix and Oblix, an old book cartoon book series. 

The Conquest of Gaul

Easter Eggs

The Conquest of Gaul and the Praetorians in the third act of the game are mostly inspired by Commentaries of the Gallic War written by Gaius Julius Ceasor. There is also evidence of other historical events taken from other commentaries, such as the Commentaries of the Civil War.

Marcus Aurelius

Easter Eggs

In the game, Marcus Aurelius is a Praetorian you can recruit in the tent at Veles. He is a great scout and an asset to have in the game. He is a reference to one of the Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius Antonius, and his character traits are said to be relatively similar. 

Cliff Ruins mission


When you try pacification on the Cliff Ruins mission, your character doesn’t assume a combat stance, and you cannot attack enemies. Another issue that has seemed to affect many players is when they leave the game and re-enter, their unlocked customized items seem to re-lock. 

Choosing the correct class


Expeditions: Rome can be a challenging game, and your success in it all comes down to how you begin and the character you create. The character trait you choose will largely come down to your game-playing style. 

Which character trait you choose will impact how your character relates to their characters and how persuasive you are. Choose the class that would most like be the most persuasive to your cause. 

You can choose between Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Make sure you use a rhetorical style character. Ethos would be a good fit here. 

Get the Most Out of your Skills


Building your skills is the number one way to develop your character through the game. When choosing your skills, have the end goal in mind. Read what the skills improve and decide how you want your character to develop. 

When you are assigning skills points, make sure you are moving towards the development of the character you want. Don’t spend your points on any random skill. 

Building your weapon skills accordingly. If you prefer to use a particular weapon, prioritize your Characters skill development with it.

Collectible Items


Keep your eyes open for items you can collect. You can find great weapons and items that help you unlock weapons later in the game. If you are using a bow, focus on your accuracy level. This affects how much damage you can do depending on the range.

If you are just starting the game, we suggest you search for as many tactical items as you can. These are super effective and help you save on action points.  

How to solve Riddles in the Olympian Quest


To start the Olympian quest, you need to have conquered Mytilene. You would also have to have access to your legion, Legio VIctrix. From there, you will then travel to the Temple of Apollon in East Asia Minor. 

When you get into the Temple, go straight past the market and go up one flight of stairs. Take a left. There you will see Pigres standing by a statue. Talk to him. He will then call and accuse Syneros of dealing in bad faith with his grandfather. Pigres will demand revenge. 

You can either end the quest here by saying you don’t have time for it, or you can suggest that Syneros and Pigres’s grandfather have a rematch. Pigres will accept the match in his grandfather's name, and they start fighting.

Syneros beats Pigres by breaking his collarbone, and that concludes that part of the quest. When you return to the Legion you will find Diodoros at the gate waiting. Diodoros and Syneros have a battle of riddles to finally put the dispute to rest. 

Diodoros will ask you about 7 riddles, and you can choose between three possible answers. Alternatively, you can also use the Ethos or Logos methods to answer the riddles. 

Here is a list of all the Riddles and their potential answers:

  • Question: "A man went out of his. He came back home, and all of his clothes were wet, yet not a single hair on his head was wet. How could this be?"
    Answer: The man is bald (select option 3 or 4).
  • Question: "Consider two fathers and two sons. They go fishing one day. They need to eat one fish each. How many do they need to catch?"
    Answer: Three (select option 3 or 4)
  • Question: "Consider this thing which is all about, but can never be seen. It can be captured yet cannot be held. It has no throat, but you can hear it."
    Answer: The wind (select option 3 or 4)
  • Question: "Consider this thing: The more you have of it, the less you see."
    Answer: Darkness (select option 2 or 3)
  • Question: "Consider a beast which devours all other beats. It gnaws on iron and grinds stones to dust. It slays kings and ruins town. It even beats mountains down."
    Answer: Time (select option 2 or 4)
  • Question: Consider this thing: It cannot be seen, and it weighs nothing. You can put it in a barrel. When you do, the barrel is lighter." 
    Answer: A hole (select option 2 or 4)
  • Questions: "Consider Alexandros Megas. When he conquered Gordion, how did he unravel the knot?"
    Answer: He cut it (select option 2 or 3)

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