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Last Updated: October 23, 2021
Eldest Souls
  • First Released: Jul 28, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Fighting Styles


One main element of Eldest Souls is developing your own fighting styles. Each style has its own skill tree with its retrospective skills and you can unlock it as you move forward in the game. 

The game allows you to choose between the three fighting styles, Windslide, Berserker Slash, and Counter. However, you can only have one of these fighting styles active at a time. You can change the style at any given point, but you can only use a single style.

Windslide: Windslide allows you to focus on mobility, gives you additional slides allowing you to remove yourself from tough situations when being attacked more easily. Windslide has more passive damage.

Berserk Slash: Berserk gives you a much higher damage per hit, though it comes at the cost of moving at a slower pace. Though the skill tree can be developed to make this option much more effective. Berserk Slash causes shock damage around you.

Counter: Counter works the way it sounds it should. When you are attacked you can dodge and use the counter ability, this will deal much higher damage on the counter move. The Counter style is the mid-ground between mobility and attack in comparison to the other two fighting styles.

This means you will need to decide which style you want to develop most and this can be a hard decision.  Windslide is often seen as the handiest for newer players, while Berserk is more popular with the speedrunners of the game.

Side Note: To unlock the skill tree's options, you will need a skill point. You gain these by defeating bosses. Each boss gives you one Skill point.

The game developer "United Label Games" Explains the fighting styles

Demon Souls Influence

Easter Eggs

The Game draws a heavy influence from Demon Souls, a game created in 2009. We see boss focussed, and quick pathways between each boss. This is mixed with high difficulty and fragmented storytelling. 

An Eldest Souls developer writes "Demon Souls was and basically still is my favorite game ever, and I've played all the sequels afterward for thousands of hours"

Health Refill, Boss Patterns and Dodging


Health Refill

There are no potions or in-game items you can use, the only way you will be able to refill your health is to use your charge attack. To do this you will need to be in Bloodthirst mode, and your character will charge forward slashing. During the slashing, you can be healing simultaneously. 

It is important to note that this attack move is very slow, making it a risk you need to time correctly.

Boss Patterns

Each boss has its own style of fighting in the arena. The idea is not to attack it all the time, you will need to be patient with them and wait for an opening. Once you have found a pattern with the boss, you will be able to deal large amounts of damage to them in their weak moments.

With the natural intensity of these fights, finding a pattern will make it much easier to defeat these bosses. It should be noted though your mistakes can be heavily punished in these moments. 

Perfect Dodging

If you dodge an attack well, your character will flash green for a moment. This indicated you have landed a perfect dodge and therefore you are rewarded for this. Some skills will be enhanced from your dodging abilities, so always try and get it right.

This video show's you some of the above hints and provides some more.

A Bard's Request | Secret Achievement.


During this game, you will be able to find a harp string laying on the ground in a fenced area within the abandoned battlefield. 

From here you can deliver this Harps String to Edd the Wanderer. Once you've handed it over you will unlock the secret "A Bard's Request" Achievement

A conversation with Edd the Wanderer

Empty Vessel


Once you reach the Lunar Trail, find an area with some large crystals and take the path to the left. There will be a corpse with the Abyss stone. Take this item and return it to the alchemist Rug, near the shelter Agree. You can give Rug the Abyss stone and he will exchange the stone for an Empty Vessel.

The vessel itself can be used to harvest energy from the corrupted gods. You will also receive the secret trophy, "Alchemical Triumph"

New Game Plus, and Arena Modes.


In order to Unlock these game modes, you will need to complete the game from start to finish. This can take some time to do and may be very difficult.

You will need to kill all 10 Bosses and fight in the campaign. Once you have completed this and the credits have rolled. Your home screen will now have the option for New Game Plus and Arena mode. 

When playing the New Game Plus, you will be able to keep all your skill points and shards. However, you will lose your special weapons and items gathered in your first run. This allows the player to explore different endings in the game aswell.

Watch as FluffeyPanda's World is excited to try a different ending to Eldest Souls by using the New Game Plus option

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