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Last Updated: January 15, 2022
Deep Rock Galactic
  • First Released: May 12, 2020
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Barrel easter egg

Easter Eggs

If you kick all of the barrels in the hub area down into the drill hole, Mission Control sarcastically congratulates you on doing so and then asks you to get back to work.

No Gravity

Easter Eggs

If you press the gravity recalibration button despite the warning, you will briefly be able to float around.

Error Cube

Easter Eggs

There is a rare item that can appear called ERR://23¤Y%/, referred to by players as the Error Cube. This item has no use in-game and plays no known role in the lore, but if you get five of them, you’ll get a special trophy/achievement.

Party Time

Easter Eggs

There is a special trophy/achievement called “Party Time” that you can only get if your full team each is holding a beer, dances to music from the jukebox, and uses the salute button to make a toast.


Easter Eggs

If you throw beer mugs into the barrel hoop, it will count your number of shots and also earn you a trophy/achievement.

Darwin Award

Easter Eggs

If you are drunk and jump through the barrel hoop yourself, you will die and earn another trophy/achievement. This one’s name is “Darwin Award,” referencing the satirical real-world “honor” of the same name, presented to people who die through an exceptionally stupid act.

Unlock alternate weapons


While every player starts with a default set of equipment, you can unlock additional weapons by completing special missions. At level 10, you will get the mission to unlock your alternate primary weapon, and at level 15, you will get the mission to unlock your alternate secondary weapon. They come in the form of License Upgrade missions available from the assignment board.

Unlock cosmetics


By leveling up in the Performance Pass and completing the first 10 Data Ranks and the first 10 Data Cells, you will earn Scrip. Scrip can be used to unlock cosmetic items from the Cosmetic Tree, which functions similarly to a skill tree. There is exactly enough Scrip available to earn to unlock everything.

Basic Tips


Work together with your team. The most effective way to play is if you’re all communicating with one another so you can work together to get the job done.

Consider switching up your perks and equipment if they aren’t a good fit for the mission you’re going into. Make sure to keep in mind your team composition, too, since any arrangement of classes is possible.

If you see a patch of dirt, there’s a good chance you’ll find another cave behind it. That will be a good place to start digging.

Use the scanner to get a better idea of the environment and where you should go.

Secondary objectives are work completing to get additional experience and credits. Consider completing them instead of focusing on the main objective alone.

Collect all the resources you see, as well.

Keep moving while fighting enemies to avoid being pinned down or surrounded, especially when facing a large number of enemies at once.

Enemies have weak points, so look for them and aim for them when possible.

Beware friendly fire—coordinate with your teammates to make sure you don’t attack them by mistake.

Be careful with your ammo and flares. These are limited, and you don’t want to end up stranded without them.

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