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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Secret Ending


There is an additional Dead Space remake ending in addition to the conventional one. The marker, who seems to have control over Clarke, is the cause of this.

As it may be difficult to find all 12 of the Marker Fragment - this video will guide you as well as show you the alternative ending.

Escaping the Hunter


It is impossible to kill the hunter because it regenerates. It's challenging when you first come across him, and you simply have to flee. He does not immediately regenerate his legs, so it is best to shoot them off. He moves much more slowly without legs. Once he is frozen, he will be taken away. Use the same approach the next time you encounter him, then use the rocket engines to fry him, and then gather the power node he drops.

It may be a lot easier to see it done, check out how this YouTuber gets the job done.

Taking down the Leviathan


Get rid of the tentacles first. Target the orange ball once the center has opened. Take the Lathan pods or the explosive canisters and fire them into the center.

It might be best to watch another player defeat the boss first and get some guidance from how the player in this video defeated him.

Eliminating the last Boss


Its size shouldn't intimidate you. Despite being huge, it is simple to kill. The subsequent tasks were completed with medium difficulty. When the battle starts, you'll see that the boss' tentacles have "caged" you in. Pay attention to the yellow "blooms" surrounding the boss' mouth. You will get closer to killing it by shooting each one. The boss will, however, grab you and hold you in the air after you have shot a few of them. It might seem like you are powerless at this point. Shoot the yellow blooms with whatever weapon you are using at the moment. After a few shots, you will be dropped. The boss will then start to attack you more frequently with its tentacles. They can be easily avoided. Strafe continuously from left to right. They will never strike you. The boss may roar at you, fire a few exploding cells at you, or drop enemy pods on you. This is also a straightforward part, as there are usually only two tiny Necromorphs. Once the blooms are destroyed, you will see a "caged" area beneath the beast. Its numerous hearts are located beneath this rib cage. Use the same approach you used with the tentacles. The boss will eventually reopen after a few repetitions. Strike the boss to kill it.

Take tips to defeat the last boss from how this YouTuber completed the game.

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