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Last Updated: August 14, 2022

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How to Unlock All Covenants Unlockables

There are 9 different Covenants you can join, although each has its own focus and benefits. Covenants primarily affect multiplayer gameplay, with some additional benefits as well.

Chaos Servant – In Quelaag’s domain, go behind the fake wall and talk to Eingyi to express your interest in joining the covenant. You will receive Great Chaos Fireball, and at Rank 2 you will get Chaos Storm and the ability to unlock a shortcut to Lost Izalith.

Warriors of Sunlight – You must have at least 25 Faith, and the requirement will be decreased by 5 for every boss you helped kill in online co-op as a White Phantom. Go to the Broken Altar in the Undead Parish and pray for a chance to join. You will appear as a Golden Phantom instead of a White Phantom, get a Sunlight Medal when you defeat a boss as a Golden Phantom, and be more likely to be matched with other members of the covenant online. You will also get Lightning Spear, and at Rank 1 you’ll get Great Lightning Spear and the ability to trade the Soul of Gwyn for Sunlight Spear.

Princess Guard – After you defeat Ornstein and Smaugh, talk to Gwynevere to join. You will get the Ring of the Sun Princess, as well as Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight, and you’ll be more likely to be matched with other members of the covenant online.

Way of White – Talk to either Petrus of Thoroland at Firelink Shrine or Rhea of Thorolund at the Undead Parish after saving her to join. You will be more likely to be matched with other members of the covenant online and much less likely to have your game invaded.

Darkwraith – You must defeat Great Wolf Sif and get the key from Ingward to enter the Abyss, fight the Four Kings, and talk to Darkstalker Kaathe. Answer “yes” to his question to join. You will get the Dark Hand weapon, at Rank 1 you’ll get the Red Eye Orb and an upgrade to your Dark Hand, at Rank 2 you’ll get the Darksword and Darkwraith Armor Set and an upgrade to your Dark Hand, and at Rank 3 you’ll get another Dark Hand upgrade. Kaathe will also sell you Cracked Red Eye Orbs.

Forest Hunter – You must talk to Alvina at the Darkroot Garden. You will be summoned to invade players who enter the forest who aren’t part of the covenant. As you defeat enemies, you will get titanite chunks and other rewards, and Alvina will give you Divine Blessing, the Ring of Fog, and also a conversation about Shiva as you get more victories.

Path of the Dragon – Make your way to the Ash Lake hidden area, defeat the Hydra mini-boss, and pray to the Everlasting Dragon. You will get the Dragon Eye and Dragon Head Stone, at Rank 1 they’ll be upgraded, at Rank 2 they’ll be upgraded again and you’ll get the Dragon Torso Stone, and at Rank 3 the Head Stone and Torso Stone will be upgraded again. This covenant allows you to challenge players to 1-on-1 duels to get Dragon Scales.

Blade of the Dark Moon – Go to Anor Londo with the Darkmoon Séance Ring and go all the way down to the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire, then go through the opening toward the fog wall, but wait for Gwyndolin to finish speaking. You will be able to interact to kneel to Gwyndolin and join. You will get a Blue Eye Orb, at Rank 1 you will get the Darkmoon Blade and Darkmoon Talisman, at Rank 2 the Darkmoon Blade will be upgraded, and at Rank 3 it will be upgraded again. This covenant lets you invade players who have “sinned” (darkening Anor Londo, killing NPCs, killing Gwyndolin, etc.).

Gravelord Servant – Without fighting Gravelord Nito, go to the Catacombs with an Eye of Death and find the crypt where the Titanite Demon is, find the unoccupied coffin, and interact with it to “nestle into it” to get a cutscene. Then, in the large room, head toward the larger coffin and join the covenant. You will get the Gravelord Sword and the Gravelord Sword Dance, at Rank 1 you’ll get the Gravelord Greatsword Dance, at Rank 2 the dances will be upgraded, and at Rank 3 they’ll be upgraded again. This covenant lets you curse other players so that Black Phantoms begin to appear in their worlds, until the cursed player defeats the Gravelord Servant.

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