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Basic Tips Hints

There are five different attributes: Body, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Intelligence, and Cool. Try to focus on the three attributes that will be the most helpful to you for your intended playstyle.

However, if you decide once you begin playing that you want to focus on different things instead, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to adjust your build by putting new points into different Attributes.

Your Lifepath, on the other hand, is just your backstory. It won’t affect gameplay.

Blue markers indicate fast travel points. Interact with them to be able to fast travel to that spot.

Use the scanner to check for items as well as dangers.

You can also mark spots with your scanner, which is helpful if you want to check something out and don’t want to forget where it is.

Holster your weapon when you aren’t in combat or planning to be. There are situations where you will be deemed a threat if you have your weapon out.

Items have weight. If you cross the weight limit, you’ll become slower and lose stamina. Drop off items regularly to avoid this.

Perks improve as you use them. For example, if you frequently use stealth, your stealth perk will progress, and so on. When you level up a perk, you’ll get a perk point to use.

Your weapons can be improved with mods and attachments that add various effects. Choose the best mod/attachment for the situation you’re in.

Weapons and some other items can be disassembled for crafting and upgrade materials.

Blue dialogue options let you get additional information, while yellow options advance the conversation. There is no penalty for picking blue options, and they can even unlock more options.

If a meter appears above your dialogue choices, this means it’s a timed choice. More important decisions have less time to choose.

As you complete jobs, your Street Cred will rise. This reflects how you’re viewed in the city. New items, jobs, etc. will become available when you have higher Street Cred.

Some mission will include optional objectives. Completing these can have additional effects such as unlocking new options or changing things later on, so it’s worth considering.

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