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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Mar 30, 2022
  • Genres: Fighting, Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS), Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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A different take on Cheats


Much like many games out there, Coromon does not offer cheats in the conventional sense. Thanks to some of its users though, the internet does offer cheats in the form of trainers. Take a look around the internet and you can find some trainers that offer cheats such as:

  • Refill Coromon Health (default F1)
  • Refill Pets Energy (default F2)
  • Add 5000 money (default F3)
  • Add 10 Battle Tokens (default F4)

There are not many options with the previous example, but if you look a little bit further, you can find trainers that will offer more, such as:

  • Activate Trainer (F1)
  • Unlimited SP (F2)
  • Catching Coromon is always successful (F3)
  • Add 1k Gold (F4)
  • Increase game speed (Alt + Numpad 1)
  • Decrease game speed (Alt + Numpad 2)
  • Reset Speed (Alt + Numpad 3)

All the Coromon


In a game of small creatures to capture, you can think of all the Coromon as unlockables, as you have to capture them if you would like to own them. Coromon offers many coromon for you to capture and unlock, there are 119 coromon which you can unlock, each having their own stats and types, from electric to ghost, take your pick and capture your favourite. 

Potent Scent Perfect Grinding


If you are wanting to grind for those perfect Coromon, then this is the method for you. In the game, there is an item called Potent Scent. What this item does is increase the chance that you will find a perfect Coromon by quite a lot. There are only ten in the game, you will find these in a chest in the Woodlow Harbour area, to gain access to the chest, you have to fight the first Titan, Voltgar. Once you have the potent scents, if you use one, it will increase the chance of a perfect encounter for 6 minutes. The best method for perfect farming is to hard save just before you use the potent scent. Then run around in tall grass until it runs out. If you find a perfect one, then your job is done, if not then just load the previous save and try again. Using this method, you are ensured to find 10 perfect coromon if you do it with each Potent Scent.

Gym Leader Ed shows us the Potent Scent Farming method.

Unlocking the Randomizer


First off, people might ask what is a randomizer? This answer is quite simple: a randomizer, once activated, will randomize certain properties of the game, such as opposing trainers’ coromon and items that they would use. It can also randomize the evolution path for your coromon, so you never know what you are going to get. To unlock the Randomizer, you need to battle and beat the first Titan, Voltgar. The Randomizer is a powerful thing, so most gamers recommend that you complete the game without it first, before you start experimenting with it.

Epic NPC Man Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

During your travels in the world, you will eventually come across a fisherman on a dock. If you were to talk to the fisherman, he will say the phrase “Good morning! Nice day for fishing, ain't it?”. To the average player, this will not mean much, you would probably accept the question and move on with your day. If you have watched a specific video on the internet though, you would notice this easter egg. The Easter egg is the quote “Good morning! Nice day for fishing, ain't it?”, which is a reference to a video created by Epic NPC man.

Viva La Dirt League shows us the video in question created by Epic NPC Man.

Learning about Coromon Potential


Within the game, each coromon has a potential, the higher the potential, the better the coromon will be. Ranging from standard to perfect, the potential of a coromon can be the difference between victory and defeat. Use the potential reader offered in the game to see what potential your coromon has, the higher the better. A potential of 16 or below is classified as standard, 20 and below are potent and 21 will be perfect. Each of these three potential categories has its own color scheme, so keep your eyes out for the potent and perfect ones.

Gym Leader Ed explains all about potential and the three categories.

Hunting a potent or perfect starter


When starting a game of coromon, you will talk to a professor and he will show you three options of coromon to choose from. These three coromon have a chance to be potent and perfect, so it is recommended to try and start with a stronger coromon. All you need to do is to save before you talk to the professor and then interact with him, if the three coromon he shows you have no potential, then just soft reset and try again.

Gym Leader Ed shows us how to obtain “Shiny” starter coromon.

The Checklist for wild Coromon


If you open up your map and take a look at each route available to you, you will notice that it will display a list of Coromon, this list shows which Coromon are available on those routes so that you can plan your route of capture or hunt down that once elusive Coromon that has escaped you often. If you have not encountered a certain coromon, it will remain blacked out, this can show you which routes to take to encounter a new Coromon for you to capture.

Gym Leader Ed shows us how to check out the Coromon route list.

Completing those milestones


Coromon offers certain challenges to their players, and what goes better with challenges than rewards. Once you complete certain challenges or milestones in Coromon, you will gain access to claim those rewards. Some of the milestones will be completed passively by just playing the game, so make sure to claim those rewards whenever you get a chance. These challenges can offer rewards such as gold, skill flashes, or the lazy gem. So keep your eyes out on the milestone progress and claim those rewards once you have earned them.

Gym Leader Ed explains the milestone progress with some rewards.

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