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Last Updated: May 8, 2023
Big Ambitions
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  • First Released: Mar 9, 2023
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Choosing the Right Business and Location


You can maximize profits in your chosen business by searching the market for demand and accessing the four districts to sort by popularity. Click the question mark to help identify what each store sells and what furniture is required. Clothing stores and gift shops are cost-effective options but beware of competition in the district, which can cause you to lose customers.

Better Co-Op Building

When choosing a co-op building to rent for a business, pay attention to traffic and customer limit. Hourly sales will be limited to the customer limit, so choose a building with a higher limit. If there aren't enough points of sale, the amount made will be limited. Sales counters are best, but two cash tills will suffice. Make the most of what's available, as there are a finite number of points of sale.

Customer Satisfaction is Key

To maximize profits, ensure customer satisfaction by having staff wear the same clean uniform and adding music speakers. To improve customer service, hire employees with a level higher than 40, and use an HR manager to increase the level further.

Advertising Will Help More Than You Think

Advertising is vital for attracting customers to a store, especially if the building has a large capacity. The game has two advertising options: McCain's e-marketing and City Ads. McCain's e-marketing is cheaper, with the largest campaign costing $500 a day, while City Ads uses billboards, and its largest campaign costs $6,000 per day. 

It's recommended to use City Ads only when there is a decent income. Then, both advertisers can be used simultaneously for maximum effect. It's important to be prepared to handle the increase in customer traffic that ads bring.

Choose Your Business Type Wisely

In larger buildings, there is usually extra space available. Although any product can be sold in any business, the main business type chosen will determine the most popular products. Therefore, it is advisable to select the business that aligns with the most in-demand items and then fill out the remaining space with other products to create additional income. For instance, adding cheap and expensive gifts in a clothing store could be a great idea. However, avoiding including the same product in another shop you own in the same district is essential, as it can reduce demand for that product.


To generate more income, consider keeping the store open 24/7 and using a mix of full-time and part-time employees to cover all the hours. However, managing schedules can be tricky due to employees' specific demands. With an HR manager, you can schedule and fill out all the hours by clicking "autofill" from the schedule screen and stick to employees' limits and demands, generating more money in the long run.

Charlie Pryor discusses his "Top 10 Tips" to get started in Big Ambitions

Setting Up And Optimizing An Office Firm


Office Firm Location Strategy and Staffing Plan

The ideal location for an office firm is in the Midtown District, as it is the most lucrative area for businesses. Buying out competitors can raise demand if there is no obvious choice. Before gathering furniture, it is recommended you start recruitment campaigns for employees. Employees can handle only one customer at a time, and the maximum number of customers an employee can handle in an hour is around 34. Therefore, hiring 35 lawyers is advisable. Lawyers' salaries can vary, with the cost ranging from $55 to $85 per hour. Therefore, it is essential to hire cheap lawyers, which can save a lot of money. HR managers and one cleaner are also required.

Office Furniture and Equipment Procurement

Gathering furniture is time-consuming, so deliveries should be ordered from furniture and office supply stores. The office supply store is close to the building, so furniture can be easily transported in a van. However, ordering from the same store twice is impossible, so using both stores is essential. For a firm of 35 employees, 35 computers, 35 tables, and 35 chairs are needed. A cleaning station is also required.

Assigning Lawyers and Optimizing Schedules

After gathering all the furniture, lawyers should be assigned to each office station. As HR will train the employees, their skill level does not have to be 100. However, finding full-time employees with cheap wages is difficult, and often the game throws part-time employees into the mix. 

The capacity limit is shown in the top-right corner, but it can be inaccurate as the actual capacity depends on how many employees are scheduled and sitting at their desks. It is essential to optimize the schedule, as wages for lawyers are expensive.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Sometimes the amount of customers you receive is less than capacity due to competitors in the area. Therefore, to fully utilize your employees and cut unnecessary costs, your schedule needs to be manually adjusted to ensure that the number of lawyers working is close to the number of customers per hour. 

Your setup will vary depending on the budget, capacity, and number of employees.

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