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There was once a world devoid of any color, drowned out by the sound of howling winds and the sight of an ashen metropolis, now rotting within a God's terrible dream. While attempting to speak to a figure bathed in the color Gold, a colorless figure ultimately lost their head in such a futile attempt. As the relentless passage of time sways the voices of the distant past, Shira Yamano finds himself in that ashen metropolis. Kirron, an endless valley of skyscrapers that pierce the sky, is home to where that once colorless figure would encounter various people that would bring the color back to his vision, and help him overcome his dangerous apathetic feelings. However in the process of doing so, he accidentally involves himself within a string of events that raises more questions than answers. This is the first installment of the Augma series, where white shall be tarnished before all to see.

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