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Are you tired of RPGs with linear story? Why do you have one if you can have three? Alexis Arc: Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is a JRPG with three-sided story. The player can choose whichever path they wish to take. *Synopsis* It has been five years after demons invade the land of Eldeamor. To make things worse, the three kingdoms in the land: Auria in the northeast, Callista in the south, and Deminia in the northwest are having inner conflicts with each others. Even though they are related by blood, they have to make difficult decision on who they should help. Who will they choose? They have to save each others while not knowing the mysterious force at the bottom of the land's river... *Features* Three kingdoms to play with the player chooses the order of which kingdom they want to get first. 25 unique characters. Town menu. Weapon level in blacksmith system. Tavern in each capital city with various different quests for the player to grind. Different strategy depending on the player's choice of kingdom. Ether creation at the end of each battle depending on which characters used in the battle. *Manual* Analog for direction, Z for action button, and X for cancel/back button. Please note that when you start the battle and there're stars next to characters, they're required for the upcoming battle. It is also recommended to run and then close the game once you reach the title screen the first time you play for the day to avoid lags. *Development* This game is developed by AlphaDio Production, Indonesia which is run by one person, AlphaIsTimZ. The game was finished on 25 December 2019. *Update* 10/14/2019 v1.1 Minor bug fix, especially for wrong font color 12/01/2019 v2.0 Callista path is now available and major bug fix 12/03/2019 v2.1 Minor bug fix 12/23/2019 v3.0 Deminia path is now available and major bug fix (I also update the demo to v3.0) 12/25/2019 v4.0 Tower of Heroic Trial is now available and minor bug fix. (I update the demo to 4.0 and Mac version is now available as well) 01/03/2020 The mac version is revoked for now since I cannot make it work without a Mac laptop/PC 07/12/2020 v4.01 Minor bug fix 07/19/2020 v4.02 Minor bug fix 07/27/2020 v4.03 Bug fix 08/10/2020 v4.04 Major bug fix *Community* If you have questions or some place to discuss about the game, and any future games the studio may release in the future, please join me in Discord.

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