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Last Updated: August 23, 2022

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Glitching the Final Boss Glitches

In “ After the Fall,” there is a glitch that will allow you to bypass the final boss level, and you will be allowed to keep the disks and harvest. This glitch is used in Nightmare mode to gain higher-tier modifications for your weapons. 

In Nightmare mode on the level “ Skid Row,” you must pass the Arcade building and then continue to move beyond the abandoned hospital building. On the 47th floor of the building, a red electric box will be positioned outside the building. Try and climb into the box, and it will make you invulnerable.

Continue to search for a safe room that has pillars outside it and look for a closed steel barrel door. You must then move as close as you can to the door. You must lean back so you can move closer to the door. Look up the whole time you are attempting to move closer to the door.

You must then lean forward until you are close enough to snap turn. When you can snap turn, you must then snap turn left and right continually. The continual snap turning will cause a glitch to occur, and you will gain entry into a room. must then move forward when it appears that you are through the door.

One of your players must at all times remain in the safe room, and this glitch will cause all your enemies to die within minutes. 

RygelFievel shows you a glitch in After the Fall.


Duplication Glitch Glitches

A weapon duplication glitch will occur when you set your headset to the “hub” and then leave it, and it will disconnect from the “hub.” When you reconnect to the hub, you will then be able to shoot inside the “hub.”

You must then go over to the “Range,” and the glitch will duplicate all the items you have on your player.

Bud Yates Gaming takes you through a duplication glitch.


Infinite Money Glitch Glitches

In order for this glitch to work, the first thing you must do is to load any mission that you want to play on and select any difficulty above the survivor difficulty.

You must then find any gun in the mission except for the “Service Pistol.” You must keep this gun with you for the entire mission.

Once your mission is completed, you must head to the armory and sell your gun. Your gun will be worth more than what you would pay for that gun. 

You must then use the money from the gun that you sold and purchase another gun. Once you have bought another gun, you must sell it straight away at the Armoury. You will notice that a gun you purchase for 6000usd will now be worth 9000usd.

Selling a weapon like the “LMG” will seem to not make as much profit. This glitch will not allow your money to go over four digits. You will still make a profit on selling an “LMG,” however if you look at your money flow on the top right-hand corner of the screen when selling a gun.

Continue to exploit this glitch, and you will make an infinite amount of money.

ERRORIST shows you an infinite money glitch in After the Fall.


Locked out Glitch Glitches

When you are playing the Launch edition level with your team. You must walk into a safe room that you will find towards the end of the level.

You must then stand at the door and allow your other teammates to enter, and you must take a step back.

A glitch will lock the door, and you will not be allowed to enter the room. The game will not allow the level to end.

You must then walk around to the opposite side of the area, and the game will pull your team out of the safe room. 

Undeadicated shows you a Locked out glitch that occurs in After the Fall.


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