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  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Ratings: ESRB T
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Basic Tips Hints

Clear out areas and explore instead of heading straight to your goal. The experience and loot you’ll get will be quite helpful. Side quests in particular will help.

Instead of picking up each loot item individually, you can hold down the button near a group of items to open up a window that shows everything in that group.

White shrines will reward you with experience, which is especially helpful early on.

Don’t max out a single skill right away. Try to put at least one point into several different skills, to increase your options and to boost your stats more.

Resistance and damage are both important. Aim for a balance when choosing gear, instead of focusing on one over the other.

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Secret Passage Easter Eggs

The Secret Passage is a special area that only becomes accessible if you have the rare item called The Overlord, which can drop from Hades on Normal difficulty. In this area, you’ll find a number of unique enemies, which have been named after people who worked on the game.

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Letters Easter Eggs

Certain monsters drop letters that you can collect and read. These letters serve no purpose for the game itself, but deal with the monster in question. Many of these letters are humorous, such as a letter from a Beastman who thinks their group needs a more inclusive name or an Underworld guidebook with advice meant to help a newly-deceased soul adjust. There are 16 total letters that have been found:

  • Letter From Beastman Archer #783
  • Welcome to Undeath!
  • Report from the Front
  • Letter to Cleo
  • Letter from Troy
  • Kar’tak’s Journal
  • Form W-900
  • An Entreaty
  • The Diary of Sorius
  • Lamia Grocery List
  • Recipe for Karkinos Bisque
  • The Amazing Artius
  • Diary of a Teenage Maenad
  • Letter to Mummy
  • Ode to the Night

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Diablo 2 reference Easter Eggs

There is a quest item called Jade Figurine. This may be a reference to Diablo II, which also has a Jade Figurine as a quest item.

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Carrot Sword Easter Eggs

The sword called The Imperator is a carrot.

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