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  • First Release (Any platform): Jan 9, 2020

Stranded in a strange galaxy, you must fight for survival using only your wits, your ship, and your party planning robot companion. Explore the universe, befriend bizarre aliens, and blast through hordes of monsters as you endeavor to find a way home.

Questions and Answers

Anyone  know  a  way  to  change  key  bindings.  Feels  like  it's  made  for  a  Mac  w/  a  mouse  and  I'm  on  a  laptop.  There's  some  things  I'd  like  to  change  (primarily  the  "fire"  right-click).    Thanks!! - Trey Prather, 2 weeks ago - Reply  
I  can’t  figure  out  how  to  craft  the  hammer  for  hylga?!  I  went  to  the  place  it’s  told  me  to  and  have  look  through  all  of  the  options  and  there  is  no  option  to  ‘craft  the  hammer’!!  
I’m  also  having  trouble  defeating  the  pirate  camp,  I  defeated  everything  there  but  the  it  doesn’t  let  me  destroy  the  camp!  Maybe  it’s  a  glitch?  I  don’t  know  help!!  TIA - Becca, 10 months ago - Reply  

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