Easter Eggs for Fortnite on iOS

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Hidden gnome

Sometimes, on a very rare occasion, if you build a brick wall, one of the bricks will be replaced by a lawn gnome.

By: SuperEpicMiner   24 45

Questions and Answers

Do  the  cheat  codes  work  more  than  ounce

Bob, 10 months ago

At  what  point  /  when  do  I  enter  the  scar  or  lamma  cheat  code?  Can  I  do  it  on  every  new  battle/map?

Richard Sanford, 4 months ago

What  do  you  type  to  get  the  item  

BFD_RAYHAAN M, 1 day ago

I  think  so😮

Derek, 16 hours ago

I’m  looking  for  a  way  to  get  aimBot  on  my  switch        My  son  really  wants  to  get  this  hack    can  anyone  help  me          Thanks.  

Shane Miller, 2 weeks ago