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One Military Camp
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: Mar 1, 2023
  • Жанры: Simulator, Strategy, Indie
  • Тема: Warfare

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How to Generate Income


You need to take note of your income. It's important to get the camp working again and acts as your health bar because if your end balance reaches the negatives, you will get a game over screen, so watch your spending. How can you earn more income? Missions and liberated territory.

Doing Missions

The top left corner of your screen displays your missions. To perform them, you must deploy soldiers. You can preview which soldiers are available for deployment before proceeding. However, be mindful not to go overboard since missions need resources. 

There are three mission types: story, general, and support. Story missions can replace the 5-minute bonus timer with a 15-minute one. However, these missions must be finished within this time limit, or the game will end. Conversely, support missions do not have a timer, but the soldiers you send may be lost forever.

Liberating Territory

You can earn money by liberating territories, which will generate passive income. Each liberated territory earns you a maximum of $3000 in funds. If you have access to 36 territories, you can make a maximum of $108,000 in passive income.

Taking Out Loans

You can take a risky route to get funds by taking out loans, but this is a gamble. If you cannot afford to make repayments, you risk losing a game, so use this option carefully and remember that you can only take out two loans at a time.

You can access loans from buildings with a pink roof and an icon featuring a bank or a stack of coins by selecting them from the Economy window or the map. Only use loans when you want to buy a costly item. Once you apply for a loan, repayments will automatically begin when you have reached the set amount.

How to Manage Your Expenses


Your funds will be used to construct your camp, send soldiers on missions, and pay for expenses such as salaries, food, ammunition, fuel, and more. You can tolerate a small amount of negative cash flow if you don't have enough funds, but exceeding the $2500 threshold is not recommended.

Pay Salaries

Starting with salaries, you will, of course, need to pay the people in your camp. No one wants to work for free, even if you are fighting against an evil maniac.

Take Note of Your Food Expenses 

You should pay for food because it is essential to keeping everyone in your camp working. Just as no one wants to work for free, no one wants to work on an empty stomach. However, paying for food is more complex than paying for soldiers.

You need to consider the capacity of your warehouse and ensure that you have enough storage. Each member of your camp will consume approximately 8 units of food per meal (this is an estimation). Having more staff members will increase the speed of service.

If you can liberate the territory where your food provider is located, you can change the provider. You can manually press the buy button and adjust the slider for the desired number to save funds. However, if you reach Tier 2, you can automate the restocking process by checking the box. It is also more cost-effective to restock regularly from a supplier with a higher unit cost per item but a lower order fee.

Manage Your Ammo, Fuel, and Medicine

To handle Ammo, Fuel, and Medicine, you follow the same procedure as you do for Food. These resources are crucial to keeping your camp functioning. You also need to ensure that you have enough storage capacity for these resources. The consumption rate for these resources may vary depending on the type of mission and soldiers you are sending out.

How to Optimize Your Game


Planning What to Build

Careful planning is necessary to create an efficient military camp layout. For example, you must position the barracks away from noisy surroundings, construct related training facilities close to each other, and place resource warehouses near the buildings that require those supplies. 

Additionally, creating a reliable power grid is crucial in a military camp, and efficiently planning the placement of wires can prevent overloads and explosions. Furthermore, aesthetics should also be considered to avoid unsightly wires that may spoil the camp's appearance.

Recruiting The Right Personnel

Having a successful camp requires recruiting personnel with different abilities and traits, making recruitment one of the most crucial steps. To populate the base, visit the Reception Center and personally assess the candidates to determine their suitability for their respective roles.

The candidates possess skills, which are innate abilities that can be further developed through rigorous training. Additionally, they have traits, which are unique characteristics that may be advantageous or disadvantageous and can significantly impact their suitability for specific jobs.


After recruiting soldiers and staff, you can train them or assign them tasks according to a detailed schedule. Although several pre-established presets can simplify this process, if you prefer micromanagement, you can personally determine the exact times for your cadets to sleep, eat, train, work, or have leisure time in One Military Camp.

It's important to note that pushing them excessively can result in unintended consequences. Additionally, you can choose the training facilities for each recruit, and although automation is possible, we provide the option for detailed management for those who prefer this playstyle.

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