Like a Dragon: Ishin! Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: May 31, 2023
Like a Dragon: Ishin!
  • Parent Game: Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin!
  • Category: Remake
  • First Released: Feb 20, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Historical
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Infinite Money Chicken Glitch


This glitch allows you to win all of your chicken races and make an endless amount of money. Firstly you will need money before attempting this glitch; you will need 80 ryo or more.

Once you have enough money, locate the chicken racing den in Rakugai. Enter the racing den and purchase 8000 tags from the receptionist for chicken racing.

You will then need to “click” on the “Buy tickets” menu and scroll down to “Dividend List.” You can then bet on every outcome, starting from the “Quintuple Exacta” list, as it pays the most.

You don’t need to bet on every outcome for the glitch to work, as selecting hundreds of possible chicken results will take some time. It’s best to choose only the betting options from the highest-paying lists.

Now that you have selected all your possible race bets, you must “click” on “Exit Chicken Race.” After exiting the race, you must scroll up the list and select “Start Race.”

Your chickens will then enter the race, and you will be guaranteed a win. You won’t lose any tickets for the chickens you bet on that didn’t win. You can do this glitch as often as necessary and make endless money. 

devilleon7 demonstrates a chicken racing glitch

Easiest Ways to Ensure a Great Gameplay Experience


Search Pots

Pots are scattered throughout the map, and these pots hold different useful items you can collect. Once you have collected an item from a pot, it will automatically refresh itself with a new item.

Stock Up on Health Items

Boss fights are notoriously hard to beat. You must stock up on health items before you challenge a boss fight. The Vitality pill is the best healthcare item you can purchase for 1000 ryo at the Tasshado Pharmacy in Fushimi.   

Tycyan shares some tips for Like a Dragon: Ishin.

How To Upgrade Weapons and Level Up


The quality of your weapon may be the difference between beating a boss or being defeated. Upgrading your weapons increases your chances against the most formidable opponents.

You will be rewarded with certain weapons for completing specific battles in the game. However, the option to upgrade your weapons comes with its own advantages, as you can customize weapons to your preferred style.

To upgrade weapons, you need to enhance them with resources and seals. Weapons embedded with seals will have additional combat benefits, although finding one is not always the easiest process.

The best way to enhance your weapons is to level up the blacksmith in the game. You can only access the blacksmith from chapter 3 and later stages in the game. The blacksmith can be located at Kurogane Smithing in Rakugai.

The blacksmith can be leveled when you “Donate” items for experience. Before donating items to the blacksmith, you must purchase or gather items. Buying items from the Rakugai Arms Dealer is the easiest way to acquire them.

Go to the Arms Dealer shop and Purchase 100 Bundle Blades or as many blades as possible; each blade costs 1000 mon. Once you have purchased the blades, you must return to the Kurogane Smithing. 

At the blacksmith, you will be greeted by two gentlemen. The gentleman on the right-hand side is the blacksmith, while the other man is a material vendor. Approach the blacksmith and scroll down the menu to the “Donate” option.

Click on the “Donate” option and offer all 100 Bundle Blades to the blacksmith; this will immediately level up the blacksmith. You can continue to “Donate” items to the blacksmith throughout the game, ensuring they are leveled to their maximum.

Now that the blacksmith is leveled up, they can offer better upgrades for your weapons. To upgrade your weapons, click the “Enhance” option at the blacksmith to view all available upgrades.

Every upgrade will acquire certain materials that can be purchased from the material vendor, who is situated next to the blacksmith. You can also acquire most of the material he sells by completing battles, substories, and from other shops.

BootyWarriorda3rd shares a guide on how to level up your blacksmith.

How to Bet On Chickens


One of the most profitable ways to make money is to bet on racing chickens. Head to the chicken racing den in western Rakugai to start betting on chickens.

When you have made your way to the chicken den, you’ll be asked at reception, “If you would like to purchase tags?”. You must purchase 10 000 tags from the receptionist and exit the building.

Once you have purchased some tags, you must “Save” your game before you continue. This will allow you to restart your game with 10 000 tags should you lose them when placing bets.

Now that you have saved your game, head back into the chicken den and “click” on the “Buy Tickets” option. This will then open up a menu with multiple columns on the screen; each column has its own purpose for placing bets. 

The first column is the “Racer” column. This list contains the names of the chickens that you can place bets on. Each chicken is numbered from one to five; these numbers will later be used when placing your bets.  

Next on the menu is the “Cond” column, which indicates the condition of a chicken and whether it will speed up or slow down in a race. The conditions of each chicken are indicated by arrows that point in different directions. 

An arrow facing upwards is a good sign and indicates that this chicken is more likely to boost in the race. A downward-facing arrow means the opposite, and that a chicken is expected to slow down in the race. The condition arrows are a means to gauge which chicken could win the race. 

The next column is “Past Results.” This is the position that a chicken came in the last three races. The results are read from left to right. It’s always best to choose a chicken that constantly is placed within the top three.

Now that you know which chickens you consider the most likely to win, you will need to “click” on the “Dividend List” and select the results you feel comfortable betting on. 

Different lists will pay more for you betting on the correct result. The lists start from the lowest paying dividend list and ascend to the highest paying dividends. If you want to make the most money, you will need to select results from the “Quintuple” list.

After placing your racing bets, you must “click” on “Start Race.” Once the race has been completed, a screen will appear with your winnings or losses. If you win, you will be rewarded with gambling points that can be exchanged at the Gambling Den for money.

devilleon7 explains how to bet on chickens in Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Farm Virtue


You must farm virtue to upgrade various features for your in-game experience and trade it with the Shinto Priest for blessings. Virtue can be gained by completing various conditions, such as praying at shrines and finishing diligence records or substories in the game.

One of the easiest methods to farm virtue in the game is by selling platinum plates to the Ebisu Pawn Shop in Rakunai. You will first need to acquire gambling points from placing bets on chicken races at the Chicken Den in Rakugai. 

Every chicken race that you correctly predict will reward you with gambling points. You’ll need to accumulate around 50 000 gambling points, after which you’ll need to make your way to the trader at the Gambling Den in Rakunai.

You can then trade 1500 gambling points for a platinum plate. Buy as many platinum plates as possible with your gambling coins, and go to the Ebisu Pawn Shop.

Once you have made your way to the Pawn Shop, you can sell your platinum plate collection for 3 ryo or 7500 mon. Selling platinum plates to the trader will reward you with tons of virtue, and you will make money from the sale.

Ragnar Henchbrok demonstrates how to earn quick money, virtue and experience

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