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How to Improve Your Gameplay


Learn the Various Classes

There are four options for character selection before you start playing: 

  • Warrior: This class is meant for battle and will undoubtedly be the first choice of players who enjoy acting erratically because of its higher attack damage and respectable defensive capabilities. 
  • Sorcerer: This class is tricky to use as it has comparatively low defense ability in exchange for higher damaging AoE and single-target spells.
  • Taoist: This class worships justice and truth and is a highly skilled expert swordsman. Exceptional at melee combat but weak at defending oneself.
  • Lancer: This class has a broad range of moves and carries a spear for long-range attacks. They can take down opponents with quick action.

Choosing Your Character and Upgrading

Four different character roles are available in the game: Lancer, Taoist, Sorcerer, and Warrior. When creating your character, it is crucial to select the appropriate option. Their stats, skills, and abilities vary from one another.

Based on how you intend to play the game, you must make a decision. Customize your in-game character after choosing who you want your hero to be, then select a name for them to start the game.

Finish your Daily Tasks in Time

You have 30 straightforward tasks to finish each day in the game. Players will receive EXP points and other beneficial resources as rewards for completing these brief missions, which are simple to complete. Finishing all 30 tasks, however, will take some time. So just finish those, and you will have the resources you require.

Complete All of the Main Quests

It becomes harder as you progress further in the game. So, complete the main quests before taking on more challenging ones. Additionally, you will receive rewards that will help you strengthen your character.

Tips to Improve Vigor Effects

Players can use auto-farming, a passive method to grow more quickly. Just below the HP icon is where you will find the vigor item. After you have defeated a monster, remember to use your vigor item. Players who activate it gain additional experience, keeping them ahead of non-using players. 

Suggestions for Faster Growth

  • By gathering lower-tier equipment or items, players can craft higher-tier gear. You can combine them to obtain high-level equipment.
  • To gain more fighting prowess, you can call upon a pet spirit. Use pets that help monsters gain experience and deal more damage.
  • As you progress through the main quest, always accept the field missions first. It will be beneficial to finish the main quest and field missions simultaneously.

How to Level Up Fast


The First Step

Play through the main quest until you meet your demise. Main quests are the most efficient way to acquire experience and equipment, so concentrate on them. Utilize larger pills to boost your experience by 100 percent. Reserve one larger pill for the Magic Square. In Ginkgo Valley, you won't encounter any issues; simply follow the tutorial guide.

In the backstreets of Baikon Castle, you'll receive an autoplay quest; this quest is highly beneficial for increasing your experience. Subsequently, follow the main quest lines in town, Nefariox Crystalline Forest and Demon Bowl. You might meet your end in the Demon Bowl. Once you cannot continue with the main quest, it's time to elevate your level and power score.

The Second Step

The second step entails hunting for equipment items. Navigate to the quest tab and complete all quests that offer equipment as a reward. Some of these quests are relatively straightforward, while others are more intricate, involving discovering concealed items. Locate tasks where you only need to defeat a single mini-boss—team up with others to dispatch numerous bosses swiftly, allowing you to complete these quests more expeditiously. Hunt down as many equipment items as possible and upgrade them to a higher grade.

In the Valley, you'll come across grade 2 and 3 equipment, but you'll require a party to complete this quest. Aim to obtain at least two to four grades in weapons, armor, gloves, and boots. Necklaces and bracelets can sometimes pose greater difficulties. Enhance all of them up to plus five. Remember, stop at plus five, as further enhancement risks destroying your equipment upon failure. If luck isn't on your side, take a break before attempting the next enhancement. 

Keep in mind that you can acquire rare weapons at lower levels. You'll obtain a rare Dragon Scale; you only need to locate the Steel Evil Minded Orb and Moon Shadow Stone. The quickest method to acquire them is mining at Secret Peak in Magic Square.

The Third Step

The third step involves optimizing Secret Peak and Magic Square on your first day. Secret Peak necessitates a power score of 7,900, while Magic Square requires a power score of 9,600. Once you've completed the second step, this becomes much simpler. If you still haven’t obtained a rare weapon at Secret Peak, focus on mining instead. Seek out blue, red, or yellow mines. You'll also benefit from the free vigor effect, which enhances experience gain. In Magic Square, concentrate on the experience level 3 chambers to maximize your 60 minutes effectively. The best time to venture into Magic Square is during bedtime or work hours, so allocate some time accordingly. Utilize this time to complete side quests while waiting; it's an ideal opportunity to delve into Magic Square.

Following these guidelines, you can defeat King Bolfine and find yourself in the Snake Pit area. Under these circumstances, you should already be at level 40.

Kerikyl Gaming demonstrates how to level up quickly

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