Jagged Alliance 3 Cheats on PC

Last Updated: September 19, 2023
Jagged Alliance 3
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jul 13, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS), Tactical
  • Themes: Action, Warfare
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Cheats Available Through a Trainer


Cheat adds extra excitement to the game. We have some great ones for you if you're looking for hacks. Using Wemod Trainer, you can utilize the following cheats:

  • Invulnerability
  • Infinite AP
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Weapon Durability
  • Max Hit Chance
  • Max Critical Chance
  • One-Hit Kills
  • Kill All Enemies
  • Enable Cheat Menu
  • Set Game Speed
  • Add 1,000,000 Money
  • Select Unit Level
  • Select Unit: Max Level
  • Select Unit: Infinite Pack Points
  • Select Unit: Add 5 Health
  • Select Unit: Add 5 Agility
  • Select Unit Add 5 Dexterity
  • Select Unit Add 5 Strength
  • Select Unit Add 5 Wisdom
  • Select Unit Add 5 Leadership
  • Select Unit Add 5 Marksmanship
  • Select Unit Add 5 Mechanical
  • Select Unit Add 5 Explosives
  • Select Unit Add 5 Medical
PLITCH demonstrates the cheats they have available for Jagged Alliance 3

Unlockable Characters


Recruiting Flay

Flay, the initial free mercenary you're likely to enlist, comes with a bonus – he leads you to the Winchester, a top-tier weapon within the game. To add Flay to your team, follow these steps:

Begin by traveling to the C4 region on the game map. Your first task is to eliminate all enemies in this area. Once the enemies are cleared, converse with the camp leader, Hyena. He'll assign you a mission titled "The Dead Poachers."

Search for the Dead Poachers, which can be found in sectors C7 and B4. Flay may be encountered in either of these sectors, but I found him personally in B4. He could also appear in C7, depending on your mission approach.

Engage Flay in dialogue when you encounter him. Inform him that you're pursuing the poachers. Then, ask him to halt and invite him to join your hunting efforts. An important note: You'll need to pass a Wisdom check with a minimum value of 90 to recruit him successfully.

Adding Larry to Your Team

Larry, another free mercenary, can be acquired after clearing the F7 sector of enemy presence. Follow these steps to have Larry on your side:

Your first task is to clean out the enemy outpost in the F7 sector. Once the sector is secured, approach Larry. Interact with him and offer him a Metaviron. While not known for his marksmanship, Larry is skilled in explosives. He can serve as a valuable secondary squad member and trainer.

Enlisting Smiley's Assistance

Smiley, the final free mercenary available for recruitment, becomes accessible after a challenging battle. To add Smiley to your team, undertake the following steps:

Initiate the process by talking to Maman Lilliane in sector D7. This will trigger a quest about a missing girl who fled with Smiley. Progress through the quest by speaking to the Fleatown priest and reaching sector I9. Complete the battle in this sector. After completing the fight, you can recruit Smiley, located in Fleatown. Smiley stands out as a proficient marksman and an overall strong mercenary choice.

Recruit Pierre

It's worth noting that while Pierre is another recruitable mercenary, he comes at a cost and isn't available for free. Nonetheless, he remains a solid addition to your team based on your in-game choices and progression.

Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the Game

Easter Eggs

Bastien's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" Reference

On the initial island, you'll meet Bastien, a character who pays direct homage to the "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" music video by Offspring. This connection becomes evident when he casually drops the line, "I asked for a 13, but they drew a 31," while discussing his sports team t-shirt. A glance at his outfit solidifies the uncanny resemblance.

Grizzly's Rambo Tribute

Although not an exact replica of Rambo, Grizzly is strongly influenced by the iconic character. This reference refers to the original Jagged Alliance 2 game, where Grizzly famously carried a bow-tie knife reminiscent of Rambo's signature weapon. Despite potential differences in appearance, the connection is bolstered by their shared backgrounds.

Nods to Difficulty Levels

The game playfully includes nods to popular culture with the "First Blood Commando" and "Mission Impossible" difficulty levels. These names are clever references that fans of action movies and challenges will appreciate.

Livewire's Homage to LimeWire

The character Livewire is a subtle nod to LimeWire, a prominent BitTorrent client that gained popularity in the early 2000s (around 2004), eventually succeeding Kazaa. The name and context are a tribute to the software that marked an era of digital sharing.

Infinite XP Glitch


This nifty trick takes advantage of a specific conversation loop. By continuously selecting the dialogue option that mentions Colonel Felschu and Corazon's connection with Adonis, you'll notice your mercenaries earning a consistent 300 experience points each time. This sum multiplies rapidly, allowing your team to level up swiftly. It's important to note that this glitch operates effectively in the game's current version (0.01). Future updates might address this quirk. This glitch may become your secret weapon if you aim to expedite your mercenaries' growth.

Agent Grey demonstrates the Infinite XP Glitch

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Spend your Money Wisely

When you start your journey, your wallet and your mercenary roster are blank. So, it's time to recruit, but take your time spending everything. Initially, your income will mainly come from valuable items and occasional battlefield discoveries.

While you might want to go for experienced mercenaries, stick with the basic Recruits initially. They're affordable and friendly on your budget, and some possess impressive skills (like Barry, who crafts his grenades perfectly for scattering groups of enemies).

Remember, the longer you hire a mercenary, the more bang for your buck you'll get. Some even offer deals where hiring for two weeks costs only slightly more than one. Look out for these cost-effective opportunities!

Sortout and Income Early

In Grand Chien, money isn't just waiting for you; owning land doesn't magically fill your pockets either. The only spots on the map that bring in cash are diamond mines marked with a small diamond icon. Once you seize one of these mines, you'll start pocketing $3000 daily.

To boost your mine income, you've got to tackle Legion troops nearby and take on missions from the locals. This raises Loyalty, and your mine earnings go up along with it. But be cautious; these mines will eventually run out, so don't go on a spending spree once you've snagged one.

Here's the twist: The Legion isn't thrilled about this situation. They'll occasionally send squads to reclaim the mines, so it's wise to train a few militia squads on mine spots quickly. This way, you'll be ready for whatever they throw your way.

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