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Helpful Game Functions to Know


How to Start the Game:

Choose from three save slots at the beginning of the game. Saving is automatic, with checkpoints and an auto-save system. A new game starts in an empty slot—the difficulty modes: easy, normal, and hard (unlocked after completing the game). The hard mode features more enemies and complex traps.

By selecting an existing game, you resume from the latest auto-save, not the latest checkpoint. Delete a save by choosing "delete" and the corresponding slot. Play in single-player or co-op mode with another human player on the same computer.

Challenge Rooms Explained:

Complete challenging levels as quickly as possible. Master the tools to succeed. Each tool has nine challenge rooms with different time limits. Aim for a fast completion time for leaderboard submission.

How the Leaderboards Work:

Store your players' completion times. Use the D and F keys to switch between Global, Friends, and Your Scores. Press S to toggle between single-player and co-op modes. Use the jump key (default: Z) to view statistics for the selected user.

Unlocking Achievements:

Unlock achievements by performing specific tasks. Achievements have no impact on gameplay, and each has a description for obtaining it.

Help and Options:

Access the menu to get information on how to play the game. Player controls allow customization of keys. Settings include graphic quality, resolution, screen mode, language, music, and sound settings. If you want to change a key, press Enter and assign a new one.


The game starts with a non-skippable video introducing Kurt's arrival on another planet. Many levels contain secrets. Interact with characters ("S") to understand the story and progress. Talk to people in specific sections of the game.

"The Landing" Level:

This level introduces basic gameplay and critical assignments.

Backpack and How it Works:

Press the backpack key (default: A) to view the inventory. Collect items used in different situations. The two slots on the bottom-left of the screen hold items from the backpack. Then assign items to the left slot using D and the right slot using F. The souvenir key (default: S) displays collected souvenirs from secret places.

What to Know About Enemies:

The red and blue characters are enemies. Armor allows two touches before death (three in later levels); without armor, it's one touch. All enemies have a health bar, and you can defeat them with one or more items.

How the Saves Work:

The game auto-saves when the padlock icon appears. The game auto-saves occur between levels. Checkpoints mark the starting point upon death. Loading a game resumes from the latest save, not the latest checkpoint.

Hints While Playing the Game:

  • A beam lasts for 9 seconds; Kurt can throw two beams simultaneously.
  • Adding a third beam removes the first one thrown.
  • Cancel beams in the throwing order by pressing the cancel beam (default: C) key.
  • Beams affect red objects but not blue ones.
  • You can’t throw Beams cannot into blue fields.
  • Press Down + Beam key to throw the beam directly below Kurt.
  • Starting from the latest checkpoint restores used items.
  • Rockets from enemies can destroy each other.

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