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Gothic The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos
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Gothic The chronicles of Myrtana:Archolos Cheats


Activating cheat console

By pressing “c,” the character menu will open, type MARVIN, and then close the player menu.

This enables the cheat console can be opened with F2.

Some of the codes are:

  1. edit abilities - Brings up a menu where you can edit your abilities.
  2. cheat god - enables god mode.
  3. zfogzone - makes the view distance near infinite.
  4. cheatfull - heals player.
  5. invisible - make the character invisible to all enemies.
  6. zhighqualityrender - Makes the game look slightly better.
  7. insert (object ID/name) - spawns the desired item. Click the Item list for the full object ID’s.
  8. first person - switches to first person mode.

Be ready for a challenge


Gothic 2 is an unforgiving RPG with a steep learning curve, this mod does not make it any easier. You won’t be able to take on everything at level 1. So put in the time and learn all you can.

Join a guild


It is possible to beat the game without joining a guild, but the player will not gain the bonus armors and weapons or even free teaching for some skills without joining a guild.

Gothic notR shows you how to join the thieves guild.

Buy a map


Due to the unforgiving nature of this mod, the character does not start with a map and needs to rely on the NPCs that have a better knowledge of the terrain. But do not worry, you can acquire maps through quests or buy by dishing out some money to a merchant!

It's Havok goes through Mordrag and getting a map.

Talk to EVERYONE on the ship


The game starts with you and your brothers on a ship. Sure, you could just skip all the NPCs and trigger the cutscene and start the game, but doing that will have you losing out on valuable items and free early game experience points. The NPC gives easy quests like cooking food. These quests will award your character with hundreds of experience points and some items that will be of help throughout the early game.

Make use of the shrines


From gaining health to gaining mana, the shrines in this game take the form of three Gods that take offerings for their services. Use them to get a nice boost to your character.

Plan out your progression


Unlike most other RPGs, Gothic The chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos has a limited amount of level points and no respec mechanic. It is possible to totally break your character to the point where you can’t finish the game. Choose your points wisely, choose a set of attributes and stick with it throughout the game.

Hidden stat boosts


There are hidden stat boosts that will help you through the early game and into the late game. By eating 25 apples, the character will gain +1 to their strength, and by eating 50 dark mushrooms, the character's mana will increase by 5.

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