Midgard Nornir Chests  Locations and Solutions 

Last Updated: February 10, 2023

In God of War Ragnarok, chests are hidden all over the map in different realms. The chests are pretty easy to find, but unlocking them involves solving a puzzle. In this article, we will cover a few of the chests in Midgard as well as how to solve the puzzle and get to the treasures hidden inside.

Here’s a list of the Midgard Nornir Chest locations that we are going to cover in this article:

  • Well of Urd Nornir
  • The Oarsmen
  • Raider Hideout
  • The Lost Treasury

Here is a quick video to guide you through unlocking these chests at their locations:

Just like the hidden Nornir Chests, God of War: The Ragnarok is filled with secret missions, hidden areas, and many Easter eggs. Read about them here.

Well of Urd Nornir

GoW Ragnarok: Unlocking the Well of Urd chest

To find the chest in the Well of Urd, you need to start at the top right corner of the shores of nine. The chest will be hidden right in the left corner of the map at the end of the pathway. When you find it, take notice of the runic symbols on the chest. Then, you need to solve the puzzle with the symbols in the same sequence.

To solve this puzzle, you must ignite three fire pits with the runic symbols on their base. Use your chains of chaos to ignite them if you are within striking distance. The first fire pit will be on the ledge to your right as you are facing the chest. 

The second fire pit will require you to climb the cliff face. On the right of the first fire pit, you will see an indicator allowing you to climb using your blades of chaos. The markers will lead you to the top of the cliff above the chest, where you will find the next two fire pits to light. On the left, you will see the second one on a ledge, and on your right, you will see the third one. Then jump down and go open the chest. You will find an Idunn Apple inside.

The Oarsmen

How to unlock the The Oarsmen Nornir Chest in GoW

The Oarsmen chest will also be along nine shores near the top on the right. When you enter the open arena, turn around and go towards the road that is blocked. You will need to lift the rock to continue following the path. Follow the pathway until you come to the cave, and you will find the chest directly in front of you in the cave.

Once you have looked at the runic symbols, you will need to find the puzzle pieces. To solve this puzzle, you need to hit three gongs with the runic symbols in the same sequence as on the chest. The first one will be next to the portal door on the right, and the next one will be through the steel door next to the chest. To unlock the door, you will need to go around.

Jump onto the ledge on the left of the chest and climb out of the cave using the wall in line with the opening in the cave ceiling. Run to the iceberg with a chain hanging from it, climb the chain, and then follow the path. 

The path will lead you to a massive chain lying on the ground. Pull the chain, which will open the next door into an underground cave. Be ready; you will need to defeat a few enemies as the door opens.

 Go through the first door on your left in the cave, and you will find a key. Then, open the steel gate. The third gong is in the open area to the right as you enter the first cave. It’s against the wall, right in the center. You will get a horn of blood mead when you open the chest.

Raider Hideout

Raiders' Hideout Nornir Chest Location

In the Raiders’ Hideout on the right side of the Shores of Nine, just before the King’s grave, you can find another chest. Go into the raiders’ hideout and run straight to the back on the left side. There you will find the chest. To solve the puzzle, you must get past a few obstacles before igniting the fire pits.

Using Freyr’s ability and the explosives you can collect as you run into the hideout, you will need to break the wall on the left of the chest. The fire pit will be on the other side of the wall. You can use your blades of chaos or a bomb to light it.

The next fire pit will be behind the wall on the right of the chest. You can see a covered hole in the wall if you stand near the explosives. Use them again to break the wall and light the fire. 

The last fire pit will be in the canyon you cross as you come into the hideout. If you look into the canyon under the cave, you will see the fire pit standing on a pillar. You will need to use Freyr to set a detonation streak to help you light it because the angle makes the throw pretty much impossible. Use a bomb to set off Freyr’s explosives, and the fire pit will light. When you open the chest, you will receive an Idunn Apple.

The Lost Treasury

How to Unlock the Lost Treasury Nornir Chest.

The last chest we are going to discuss is in the Lake of Nine, near Tyr’s temple in the lost treasury (Here’s everything you need to know about Tyr). The chest will be on the right of the massive shield covering the entrance to the treasury. Use your blades of chaos to pull the shield away from the door. This won’t completely open the entrance, but it will give you a way to climb to the cliff on top of the treasury. At the top, you will need to use Freyr’s ability again to detonate an explosion on the pillar to destroy it. Kratos then needs to use the broken pillar to slam into the shield to move it slightly. 

Once you have done this, jump down, move, and pull the shield to the left again to reveal the first fire pit. Use Freyr’s ability and your blades of chaos to ignite the fire. Climb the shield on the left side, and the next fire pit will be on a ledge at the top. Move over to the right side at the top and slam the pillar forward, so it stops the shield the next time you move it to the right.

This will reveal the gate. To open the gate, you need to use the gear situated in front of it. To keep it open, you need to destroy the smaller shields on each side of the gate and the one on the left as you enter the gate. The last fire pit to ignite will be inside the treasury on the right. You will find another horn of blood mead when you open the chest. 

Once you’ve completed all you can on Midgard, head to Alfheim to find their Nornir Chest