Fortnite Paradise Quests Part 1 – Full Walkthrough with Dialogue

Last Updated: October 17, 2022

You’ll have to excuse some of the stages below. This questline seems a little bugged in Fortnite season 3 chapter 4. The quests appear multiple times in your quest log and the ‘stages’ don’t really make sense. Nevertheless the storyline does makes sense and is in order and this is what you see on the screen.

Our full walkthrough video is below, and the transcript of the entire questline follows that (if you prefer to skim read!).

Quest 1

0:00 Stage 1 of 5 – Drop in

0:12 Stage 2 of 5 – Reboot a computer at Seven Outpost U, V or Synapse STATION (32k XP)

JONES: So… The Scientist’s computer seems a little upset…


JONES: But, she might have some valuable data for us to use, so… Head to the Reality Tree. By then, she’ll be back online and read to scan.

0:40 Stage 3 of 5 – Establish a Device Uplink Near the Reality Tree (32k XP)

JONES: Computer, scan the strange growth on the tree.


JONES: I’ll get closer to the speaker… (ahem) COMPUTER. SCAN TREE.


JONES: I’m gonna…. go find that manual. YOu should follow this growth to the roots to see if it’s infecting the soil.

1:08 Stage 4 of 5 – Find an odd Reality tree root (32k XP)

JONES: The, uh…. stuff, is making a sound, but there’s something else layered on top… Computer, record.

AMIE: “Computer?!” I am AMIE, and whoever YOU are, you are NOT The Scientist.

JONES: Look. Are you gonna help us out here, AMIE, or what? ‘Cause we’re trying to save the island. (inspiration striking) … And The Scientist!

AMIE: Wow. You’re trying to manupulate me! That is… pathetic.

JONES: This signal sounds like a bunch of different military codes all jumbled together.

I can decode it for you, but I want something in return.

Stage 5 of 5 – Await Further Orders

To complete this step you need to just drop into a new match.

Quest 2

1:50 Stage 1 of 3 – Drop in

AMIE: I’ll decode that message if you promise to find The Scientist. Why are you still standing there? GET GOING, LEGS!!!

JONES: We’re going. But… Listen, AMIE, I need your very useful databases to focus on the bigger picture here. ‘Kay? Cause if I don’t save the Island, The Scientist will have nothing to come back to. Now we gotta decode that message.

2:36 Stage 2 of 3 – Use a computer at a Seven Research Lab to decode the recording… (32k XP)

Find a computer in a research lab and do the 4 options, ‘Adjust Amplitudes’, ‘Find Frequencies’, ‘Nullify Noise’, ‘Decode Dialogue’

PARADIGM: Survivors…. This is Paradigm. I don’t know if anyone can hear me, but I have to try. If you’re out there, send me a sign.

Stage 3 of 3 – Await further orders

To complete this step you need to just drop into a new match.


3:04 Stage 1 of 3 – Drop In

JONES: So The Paradigm has asked us to send her a sign. If we can unscramble messages coming FROM the tree… We can re-scramble messages going TO the tree.

AMIE: “We?” Do you ALSO have military-grade decryptor chips installed in that up-top bone box?

JONES: Collect some part for AMIE, and she’ll build us a translator. (to AMIE) WON’T YOU?!

3:30 Stage 2 of 3 – Destroy a car or truck to collect Electronic Parts (32k XP)

JONES: …(ahem) Recording message… (into device) Paraigm, It’s Jones.

We’re reading you loud and clear. Take this translator to the tree. It’s time for a field test.

4:04 Stage 3 of 3 – Place all th epart of the translator setup near a Reality Tree (32k XP)

PARADIGM: You’re there! You can hear me! I have to keep these transmissions short, but I’ll send everything I know. Stay safe. And listen, there will be no second chances here. The Nothing is–(distorted).

JONES: Did she say “nothing?” Or-or-or-or “The Nothing”, Capital T, Capital N?

AMIE: Oh, don’t pretend you don’t know.

Quest 4

4:44 Stage 1 of 6 – Await further orders / Drop In

PARADIGM: If there’s a way through this, we’ll need to know everything about The–(distorted).

We ran some experiments, but you’ll probably need more data. If finishing The Scientist’s notes will help us find him, I’ll do it.

I know your simple meat processors probably didn’t notice this but…. We’re missing some entries. And judging by the hook-shaped divots in these pages, I’d talk to Blackheart.

5:13 Stage 2 of 6 – Talk to Blackheart about The Scientist’s notes (32k XP)

Blackheart: Yeah, we “found” the Scientist’s research notes. Couldn’t sell ’em, so we tossed ’em. You wanna root through our trash? Help yerself.

5:28 Stage 3 of 6 – Find and dig up the Scientist’s stolen research notes (32k XP)

AMIE: We’re still missing a few pages, but… His beautiful notes…. His hideous penmanship….(sniffle). No AMIE. Focus. We’re going to find him. You need to finish The Scientist’s Chrome experiments… or endure a thousand torments.

6:15 Stage 4 of 6 – Eliminate an opponent with an EvoChrome Weapon (32k XP)

AMIE: I know I shouldn’t corss these wires, but I LOVE combining science with violence.

6:38 Stage 5 of 6 – Phase through Chrome structures (32k XP)

AMIE: Oh, The Scientist would have really loved how this nanomist defies all known laws of physics. He’s such as science rebel… (sigh).

Uh…. go get a Chrome sample and bring it to the lab for further experimentation.

7:05 Stage 6 of 6 – Destroy Chrome objects, then collect Chrome Anomalies (32k XP)

AMIE: Regrettably, we need stupid Jones’s stupid assistance for these next experiments. If he messes up saving the most important man in existence… The consequences will be, eh… severe.

Quest 5

Stage 1 of 3 – Await further orders / drop in

8:04 Stage 2 of 3 – Place the Chrome Anomaly in the test chamber at a Research Lab (32k XP)

8:35 Stage 3 of 3 – Approach the Control Panel and hit the red buttons as they appear (32k XP)

8:56 Stage 3 of 3 – Activate the holotable (32k XP)

AMIE: Results are inconclusive.

JONES: So, what, there’s really nothing we can do?

AMIE: We could FIND AND SAVE THE SCIENTIST so I wouldn’t have to deal with YOU!

JONES: Believe me, there are other tobots I’d rather teamup with. I’d prefer a toaster at this point!

AMIE: Oh. We’d ALL prefer a toaster. But HERE WE ARE!


9:25 Stage 1 of 2 – Await further orders / drop in

PARADIGM: When we first found the Chrome on the Island, everyone started developing plans to deal with it. The Origin, unsurprisingly, began drawing up battle plans.

AMIE: Yawn. Pass.

JONES: AMIE – (holding back frustration). The only way to save The Scientist is to save the Island.

AMIE: Get your toaster to do it.

JONES: (exhale)… I’m sorry for calling you a toaster, AMIE.

AMIE: I’ll help you save the Idland. I just want to see The Scientist again…

Help AMIE find The Origin’s Chrome battle plans.

10:00 Stage 2 of 2 – Collect battle plans from a bunker (32k XP)

AMIE: Nice job. I’ll upload these plans to Jones’s device.

Quest 7

10:25 Stage 1 of 2 – Await further orders (drop in)

JONES: The Origin wanted to launch an attack on the Herald.

AMIE: Interesting. Fighting the Herald is a stupid idea… But it’s also a dangerous idea. So let’s do it.

JONES: Get your weapons ready. We’ve gotta take down the Herald.

10:44 – Stage 2 of 2 – Assist in defeating the Herald (32k XP)

JONES: So? How did that go? Everyone okay?

AMIE: The Chrome persists. But I. FEEL. AMAZING. VENGEANCEEEE!!!!!!

Quest 8

11:22 Stage 1 of 2 – Await further orders (drop in)

PARADIGM: I have to shut down communication. I’m sorry. The Zero Point is…. (sigh) I wish I could explain. Just… hold on tight, okay? And stick together.

JONES: That message from The Paradigm was our signal to go dark for a bit. But I promise, this is out best shot at saving the Island. And The Scientist.

AMIE: I have decided to trust you on this one.

JONES: I’ll be back in touch when the next phase of the plan is active.

Stage 2 of 2 – Land on the Island