Fortnite Paradise Quests Part 2 (Bonus) – Full Walkthrough with Dialogue

Last Updated: November 15, 2022

With Season 3 Chapter 4 of Fortnite drawing to a close at the end of this month they’ve slipped in the second part of the Paradise quests to finalize the story before the FRACTURE event (on or around December 1st).

Our full walkthrough video is below, and the transcript of the entire questline follows that (if you prefer to skim read!).

Full Paradise Quests Walkthrough Video

JONES: We’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for the next phase of my orders to trigger.

AMIE: That’s not true! We’ve executed Operation Rescue-The-Scientist, Versions 1 through 46.

I really think number 47 is gonna be the one.

0:00 Position the Signal Boosters using your Harvesting Tool (32K XP)

THE PARADIGM: The Scientist’s suspicions were correct. The Zero Point has gone dormant. I need to wake it up, and I think I know how.

I need everything The Scientists had on the Zero Point. And that man is a squirrel, alright, so he’s got data stashed everywhere.

AMIE: Why are you looking in a computer? The Scientist’s obsession with perfection leads him to constantly destroy his notes. He’s a complex man, and that’s why I love him.

JONES: Pffttt, yeah, dumpsters, obviously. We sh-should have thought of that…

(ahem) Search some dumpsters for The Scientist’s vitally important, reality-saving research.

03:05 Search an open dumpster to find the last of The Scientists Research (32K XP)

THE PARADIGM: I know it’s hard to understand why we need to keep fighting. Especially when we won’t win. Ask Jones about the Loop Breaker project. He thinks it’s confidential. It’s not.

AMIE: Yeah, ‘cuz he keeps telling everyone about it!

Which reminds me. Why don’t you extract everything he knows before he figures out what “top secret” means?

4:31 Talk To Agent Jones (32K XP)

AGENT JONES: The Paradigm declassified the Loop Breaker project? That’s…. That’s a bad sign.

The Loop Breaker data is encrypted on our Research Lab Terminals. Enter the hidden access code, and the files should download to your device.

05:57 Find the approval code at a Research Lab (32k XP)

08:21 Enter the approval code on the Research Lab’s Computer (32K XP)

Ours was 53864.

08:52 Dance at an Attunement ANCHOR NEAR Tainted Towers

JONES: Well, that’s everything. Cards on the table. AMIE, sill onboard?

AMIE: The tentative partnership is STILL ON! I’ve got all The Scientist’s data in my quantum drive. And I’m unkillable, so…

I don’t really have anything to lost. Except your existence. Which is… not nothing.

JONES: We need to tether ourselves to the Island’s energy using these Zero Point attunement anchors.

We have to place them in sync. So once your anchor is down, send me a signal to place mine,

09:56 Dance at an Attunement Anchor Near Fort Jonesy (32k XP)

JONES: These anchors will either hold us together… Or tear everything apart! And i mean everything.

JONES: Probably not that! We’re going to be FINE.

11:29 Equip the Sensor Backpack at Severn Outpost V or Research Lab

12:31 Record energy signatures around Loot Lake

JONES: Hey Aims? See anything helpful in the dataset?

AMIE: Nope! Should I prepare for my audiobook debut?

AMIE Hopes you have enjoyed this presentation.

16:42 Survive Storm Phasis in a Single Match (4 Phases) (32k XP)

AMIE: Have we considered that the Zero Point’s communication abilities may be tied to phases of the storm?

JONES: Ooh, that could be interesting.

AMIE: So… Are you gonna say it?

JONES: Yes, sorry. Of course. The Scientist would be very proud of you.

AMIE: (swooning) Next time don’t make me ask.

JONES: I’ll, uh, set up some equipment and take Zero Point readings. All you have to do is survive the storm.

21:40 Talk to Bushranger

THE PARADIGM: I need you to find a way to send me that research. I know that’s an impossible request but… There has to be someone who understands. Find them.

JONES: “Understa–” … Aims? Do we know someone who speaks tree?

AMIE: There’s that wierdo who’s always handing me leaflets… (gasp) Bushranger! Go find him!

BUSHRANGER: Yes! Talktalk treetalk! Make seedplant. Then treetalk get LOUD.

AMIE: As the most flammable guy on the Island, he better KNOW he can do it.

JONES: Take these seeds and plant them across the Island to triangulate his signal.

23:34 Plant the first tree seed near Greasy Grove

25:27 Plant the Second Tree Seed Near Grim Gables (32K XP)

JONES: Hey, AMIE? Thatnks for everything… Best friend.

AMIE: Too much too soon.

JONES: Just – just friends, then. Got it.

THE PARADIGM: Make sure you give Bushy a medal for this. Or some ornaments. We couldn’t have done this without him. Without any of you. This should be everything I need.

Stay alive. Here’s hoping we see each other again.

Paradigm… over and out.

All Quests Complete!