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Voici nos Guides pour NHL 23: X-Factor Edition sur Xbox Series X. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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How to Farm Coins in an Auction House


Similar to other sports video games where you create a team of players, knowing the buy-sell mechanism and how to maximize your profits will help you increase your coin total. These strategies typically require work and can be tedious, but they are worth trying to master if you want to essentially get free coins for simply buying and selling players.

Cards and other items are constantly changing in popularity, so keep an eye out for player-selling prices and see if you can buy the same players for less so you can sell them at the auction house for more.

Keep an eye out for special occasions that could affect player prices in either direction. 

You don't want to be stuck using a mediocre player who just took part in an event and whose price has since gone up due to increased demand. To avoid being stuck with the player and receiving very little money back, you might need to sell him before the event is over, even at a slight loss.

Pay attention to the events that are happening and figure out which players will see an increase in value before anyone else to find special event players at a discount and earn big coins quickly.

However, you're not limited to just buying and selling players. You can add a lot more items to the list, and sometimes trading these things works out better because there is less demand for them. However, there is typically less demand as well.

Additionally, some players attempt to buy when there are fewer players online and sell when there is a higher demand, which is typically when there are more players online.

This guide will take you through the process step by step as well as give other tips to making coins

Lines Changing


You and your teammates may find that after a long shift on the ice during a game, you two start to feel pretty exhausted. Naturally, the more exhausted you are, the less effective you are against another line whose energy is high. When this happens, your players are frequently easily skated by and knocked off the puck, which opens up a wide-open backdoor goal. And it's not always your fault; occasionally, despite it being much preferable to do so, the AI fails to switch lines between whistles.

One of the best NHL 23 beginner tips is to switch lines frequently to make sure you're always using one with a full stamina bar. Alternatively, you can change your lines so that they align with the top line of the opposing team. You can do this by pressing and holding Square and Circle on the PlayStation or B and X on the Xbox in between whistles if you're using NHL 94 or Skill Stick controls. Use the same command while holding L2 on the PlayStation or RT on the Xbox between whistles if you're using hybrid controls.

The tiny, grayed-out window in the bottom right corner of your screen will then show your lines.

Pressing either button a second time will switch between the offensive and defensive lines. The following shift, they will switch lines, so just leave it on the line you chose. This can also be done mid-game, which will cause your lines to switch mid-shift.

Learning all the lines can be very useful in your gameplay, this guide will provide any additional tips you need to learn all the ins and outs

Last Chance Puck Movements


One of NHL 23's most interesting new features is the Last Chance Puck Movement. It serves as one of the best tips for players of all skill levels, including beginners. In hockey, a single full-throttle attempt to get a shot off or a pass off can occasionally mean the difference between scoring a goal and backchecking to get on defense. These new desperate maneuvers have the potential to create some truly spectacular highlight plays. You'll need to learn how to use them, though.

By pressing your passing button twice, you make a desperate pass. Press the shot button twice or move up twice on the shooting joystick on your right to perform a desperate shot. If a puck is loose in a scrum or if you're on the forecheck and believe you're going to lose the puck, you should do this. You can dive and sacrifice your player in this manner while still getting the shot off or passing to a teammate.

One Touch Dekes


NHL 23's fancy moves and skill moves can be very challenging to master. Because of this, using one-touch dekes is one of the best tips for beginners who want to get fancy with their scoring. On a PlayStation or Xbox, you do this by pressing L1. When you use it correctly, this will automatically execute a stylish deke that will allow you to move right past the defender. Your left and right joysticks' direction and movement also help you choose which deke to perform.

Naturally, choosing the specific deke you want to perform can be quite challenging in terms of how to move the joystick. So, for the time being, it might be best to simply press the button and pray for the best. Alternatively, you could enter practice mode and experiment with it until you get the hang of it. Then, before you know it, you'll be performing magic tricks that belong on the highlight reel.

It may be useful to see how all of the dekes are done, and this guide will take you through learning each one.

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