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Reaching the Top Indices

Like any racing game, your goal is to become the overall champion. In World of Outlaws career mode, you will have three championships that you can win. As you win one event the next will open. 

You will have to start at the local level and move your way through the regional level to the national level championship. As you progress you will unlock new tracks and will be able to purchase newer cars.

Cars and upgrades get very expensive as you move up the ladder so be sure to have a plan in mind. The competition gets more difficult at nationals so you might want to consider saving money to purchase upgrades later on.



Keep Financials in Mind Indices

Just like real-world race teams, you need to work on a budget. Not one set by the game but more one set by you. Cars and upgrades are very expensive. If you overuse finances towards the beginning of the game you might find it difficult to get new cars and upgrades for your cars later in the game.

This will make competing against cars at a higher level very difficult. For example, the 410 Sprint costs around $400, 000. That is just for the car. You then need to upgrade it which will cost extra. 

There are a few ways you can optimize your earnings. Firstly, make sure you have a consistent sponsor that pays you more over time. Don’t just take the first sponsor that comes your way in the game. Consider their offers and choose the right one.

Hiring the correct people can also bring in some extra money for you. Look at hiring the right sponsor agent, mechanics, and the right crew chief. Sponsor agents bring in more sponsors and help you hit your incentives. The right mechanic will help you save many on parts and sorting out repairs. 

You will also earn more as you move up the ranks by improving the car's proficiency levels. When you start out you don't have any proficiency rating. But as you rank higher the proficiency levels rise and so does the bonus you get from fans and sponsors.


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