Cuphead Cheats sur Xbox One (X1)

Dernière mise à jour: 6 février 2023
  • Première sortie: Sep 28, 2017
  • Genre: Fighting, Platform, Indie
  • Plateformes: PC,Xbox One
  • Développeur: Studio MDHR
  • éditeur: Studio MDHR
  • Notations: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Skipping Cogney Carnation


While battling Cogney Carnation, the flower in Inkwell Isle 1, you can basically skip her. When she closes her hands to send pellets at you, you need to be on the right flying platform. When she opens her hands, you need to dash through them. You will take damage, but she will be stuck on the pellet animation for the rest of the battle.

Doesn’t  work  on  Xbox  one  or  maybe  I’m  doing  it  wrong?  
Nicki's Barb, il y a 3 ans - Réponse

A Free Coin


On the first island you come across a coin avatar who says his money is scattered around... between two trees there is a little yellow mark beside the avatar with the axe for a head. Walk up to it, click the action button (A) and get a free coin

Par: Dave Commentaire
Nevermind  but  where  is  the  2  trees
Aiyden Jones, il y a 1 mois - Réponse
It  won’t  let  me
Aiyden Jones, il y a 1 mois - Réponse
Double  nvm
Aiyden Jones, il y a 1 mois - Réponse
I  don’t  see  the  axe
Aiyden Jones, il y a 1 mois - Réponse

Secret path in world 1


In world one complete, head to the first level. To the upper right corner is a trail that follows alongside of a river. Follow it to get to the other side of the water which skips you a level and gets you an achievement.

Par: Dave Commentaire

Secret path in world 2


When you get into world 2 head north through the red tent, then walk up north again up the staircase (if it isn't there, complete the first level first). I cannot remember if you need to complete the level to get the stairs or if the stairs are already there. Once up the steps you'll see the birdhouse. Walk behind the birdhouse and walk right.

Par: Dave Commentaire

Iron giant

Œufs de Pâques

When fighting in the junkyard you will notice the robots design is that of the Iron Giant.

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How  do  I  use  one  hit  on  the  bosses
Miguel Villaruel, il y a 4 ans Réponse
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