Biomutant Cheats sur Xbox One (X1)

Dernière mise à jour: 7 février 2023
  • Première sortie: May 24, 2021
  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Notations: PEGI 12,

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Biomutant Cheat Engine


While Biomutant does not include a built-in cheat system, there are still ways to add cheats to the game as a way to spice it up a little. Downloading and using a trainer is one of the ways you can add cheats to the game.

We suggest you read up reviews on any trainer or software you add to your system, but the NAGuide trainer has worked for multiple users and provides a vast range of cheats to enable.

The NAGuide Trainer provides the following cheats:

  • Low Health
  • Refill Health
  • Godmode
  • Low Energy
  • Refill Energy
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Character-Size: Increase
  • Character-Size: Decrease
  • Character-Size: Normal
  • Set Movement-Speed (default = 1)
  • Set Gravity (default = 1)
  • Set Jump-Height (default = 850)Refill Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Add XP
  • Set Upgrade Points
  • Set Available Points
  • Set Bio Points
  • Set Psi Points
  • Easy Kills
  • Set Resource 1
  • Set Resource 2
  • Set Resource 3
  • Set Resource 4
  • Set Resource 5
  • Increase Position X
  • Decrease Position X
  • Increase Position Y
  • Decrease Position Y
  • Increase Position Z
  • Decrease Position Z
As a trainer may be difficult to add to the game for an inexperienced user, here is a guide that helps you add cheats for Biomutant.

Evidence Of Humanity

Œufs de Pâques

It is easy to overlook the game's tragic and insightful backstory when admiring its aesthetics and adorable furry characters. Certain secrets in the game highlight the fact that this post-apocalyptic world has a very somber past.

You will come across human skeletal remains at various points throughout the game, whether they are lying in their beds, on the floor, or trapped in public restrooms. These serve as a reminder that humans once lived in this world until their untimely and unavoidable demise.

Like Mario and Yoshi

Œufs de Pâques

Whether on purpose or not, the game includes a brief nod to Mario, one of the most well-known video game characters ever. One of Mario's most well-known moves is brutal to a greater extent than fans are willing to admit. When riding Yoshi while playing Mario, you can jump off the dinosaur's back to reach greater heights and kill the animal.

In Biomutant, players can make use of this specific mechanic. You can simply jump off of their mounts to gain a significant boost when mounting and jumping a large gap. Thankfully, your mount doesn't really perish as a result. They can simply regenerate.

The Batnam-Nam


The game allows players to unlock the Batnam-Nam as a vehicle. Despite being referred to as a vehicle in the game, the Batnam-Nam functions very much like a mount. However, it does possess a very intriguing quality.

The Batnam-Nam has the ability to glide through the air, unlike the other game mounts. As with a typical airglider, you can jump from great heights and travel great distances while mounted. The Batnam-Nam can be unlocked by finishing Peeble's side missions.

This video goes through unlocking the Batnam-Nam step by step.

The Gullblimp


In Biomutant, there is one vehicle that is unmatched: the Gullblimp. In the game, there is a particular biome called the Kluppy Dunes, and parts of this region can only be reached by flying with the Gullblimp. Unfortunately, this vehicle can also only be spawned here.

You simply need to visit the Blimpstation and speak with Lobo in order to unlock the Gullblimp. A series of side quests will then be presented to you by Lobo. The Gullblimp vehicle will be awarded to you for completing these.

If you still stuck, watch this video to help you find the Gullblimp.

The Pee-Wee Gargantua


One of only two vehicles that can be used by players to traverse the oceanic regions of the game, or surfs as they are known in the game, is the Pee-Wee Gargantua. The Pee-Wee Gargantua, however, is not made available during the main quest storyline like the Googlide is. Instead, to obtain this reward, you must conduct some additional exploration and complete a fun side quest.

After completing Gill's side missions, players can access the Pee-Wee Gargantua. Even contaminated waters won't cause any harm or compromise to this vehicle during its travels.

This video helps you to track down The Pee-Wee Gargantua.

Sol’s trunk


Another piece of back armor that gives the game's traversal mechanics more depth is Sol's Trunk. By opening the trunk, turning on the propeller device, and riding it, you can use this amazing item to fly.

You must locate Sol, an NPC who can be found in Out-and-About, in order to obtain this back armor. The NPC's quest must then be completed by you in order to acquire this piece of back armor.

Follow guide for a quick and easy way to obtain the trunk.

Mutation Pools


There are secret locations called Mutation Pools that let players change their appearance without affecting their base stats. Many players may want to make their characters look a certain way during the character creation phase of the game, but they may be unable to do so because it doesn't match the desired starting stats.

You are no longer bound by that restriction, thanks to the mutation pools. Mutation pools are located deep inside abandoned power plants that have been placed in biohazard zones.

Hovering by Helipack


The game contains a few spots where players will wish they were hovering rather than moving through the environment on foot or, especially, in the water. There is a specific back armor in the game that offers this particular mechanic, which many players are unaware of.

The Helipack back armor is located in the Blimpstation for players to find. They could also just buy it from the Gear Wear Broker. The game's traversal mechanics become much more layered thanks to the ability to hover, which improves the experience. After all, the game is open-world.

The Pri Murgel Sword


One of the many unusual weapons in the game is the Pri Murgel Sword. In a hidden cave that can be found much more easily through the Illumination side quest, you can find this potent two-handed slash melee weapon.

Once you have spoken with Mui, an NPC who is nearby a location called Anywhere, they can access this side mission. They will be able to find a ton of secret locations around the world thanks to the Illumination side quest, one of the game's most enigmatic.

The video explains just how to obtain it below.

Joining The Rival Tribe


In Biomutant, the game's main campaign is heavily dependent on the tribes. The opportunity to select between two competing tribes is presented to you very early on. If they join one tribe, they will be unable to join the rival tribe unless they are aware of a loophole in the system.

It isn't until much later that it is revealed that Biomutant has six distinct tribes. Finding a neutral tribe's main outpost, joining them, and then leaving them to join the former tribe's rival is all that is necessary for you to join their current tribe's rival instead, should they so choose.

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