Terraria Cheats sur Wii U (WiiU)

Dernière mise à jour: 31 janvier 2023
  • Première sortie: May 15, 2011
  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Adventure, Indie, Platform, Simulator
  • Plateformes: Mac,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,iPhone,Nintendo 3DS,iPad,Android,Windows Phone,PlayStation Vita,Nintendo 3DS eShop,Wii U,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux,Nintendo Switch
  • Développeur: Re-Logic,Engine Software B.V.
  • éditeur: Valve Corporation,505 Games
  • Notations: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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100 Platinum Coin Glitch


You need 100 x dirt for this.

Place it in a piggy bank or safe then buy the dirt and save your world.

Leave your piggy bank or safe in the world and rejoin it.

Look in the safe or piggy bank and you will have a 99% chance of getting 50 to 1000 platinum coins!

So  did  I  not  do  it  right  cause  twice  I  put  the  100  dirt  in  safe,  took  it  out  saved  and  exited  then  re-entered  with  same  character  on  same  world  and  it  never  gave  the  platinum  coins
Alexander Barnett, il y a 3 ans - Réponse
What  does  it  mean  by,  buy  the  dirt  and  save  your  world?  
Emi Harris, il y a 4 ans - Réponse
It's  get  it  from  piggy  bank  or  safe
Damian, il y a 4 ans - Réponse

Worm Glitch


You will need any type of solid block and some worms. Put the worms and blocks next to each other in your hot bar, then switch their places. Exit and save your world. Go back into the same world with the same character then flip their places again. Exit and save and go back into the world and place the block on air and it will spawn worms.

Doctor Bones

Œufs de Pâques

In the underground you can find a skeleton named "Doctor Bones" 

When he dies he drops a vanity item called the archaeologist's hat

This is a reference to Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones ls also known as the archaeologist Doctor Jones 

Par: GenralEdward Commentaire

Duplication glitch


First you need 2 play second you need to give the player the thing you want to duplicate then exit without saving the game and then rejoin you will have that item in the other player will that is how you do it

Bone Spam


First, you need to get 20 bones from the dungeon (to get there beat skeletron), then find a wide open area. Finally, start throwing the bones straight above your character. It may not seem  likely, but if you look carefully, your bone meter will go up!

Par: 910DO Gameplays Commentaire

Item Duplication Glitch


First you need to place whatever item you want to dupe inside of a piggy bank or safe, break the piggy bank and just before you pick it back, yet still pick it up up exit the game. Since the piggy bank's on the floor, and in your inventory you duplicated whatever was inside and the piggy bank!

How to break into the Lihzahrd Temple


Wire a one second timer to some blocks the and use actuators on the blocks. Use a hammer to curve them so they are in the top left corner and press the one second timer.

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Hola,  yo  perdí  todo  mi  inventario  hace  poco,  me  jode  por  qué  tenía  muchas  cosas  épicas  y  difíciles  de  conseguir,  incluido  casi  todas  las  partes  para  crear  el  móvil,  juego  en  Nintendo  Switch  y  me  gustaría  saber  si  hay  algún  hack  que  me  permita  obtener  todo  lo  que  perdí  de  forma  fácil,  algo  así  como  poner  un  modo  creativo
Juan, il y a 2 ans Réponse
Lo  más  cercano  a  un  "modo  creativo"  es  la  dificultad  journey,  todo  lo  que  se  borra  o  pierde,  desde  objetos  hasta  personajes  y  mundos,  se  pierde  para  siempre,  lo  siento  bro.
That_Mag, il y a 1 an Réponse
Is  there  a  cheat  to  stop  the  hollow  from  spreading  I  transferred  to  hard  mode  and  the  perlstone  was  everywhere  it  was  about  300  tiles  to  the  right  of  my  hollow  before  it  spread
Blake, il y a 2 ans Réponse
how  do  i  morph  into    gold  fish  or  zombie  or  skeletron
Vincent Gasparovic, il y a 2 ans Réponse
Do  you  know  of  any  way  to  turn  off  monsters  on  the  PS4  version?  I  think  there  is  a  mod  for  PC,  but  for  PS4  I  am  at  a  loss.
farkuldi, il y a 3 ans Réponse
Do  these  cheats  still  work  even  after  the  final  update?
Max, il y a 3 ans Réponse
Has  anyone  else  been  having  a  problem  with  loading  large  worlds.  For  me  when  I  try  to  load  my  large  world  it  loads  forever  with  no  end  in  sight  end  it  doesn't  even  have  a  percentage.
Jonas, il y a 4 ans Réponse
Yes  and  I  don’t  know  how  to  fix  it  I  have  an  expert  world  as  well  and  I  can’t  access  it  I  tried  restarting  and  quitting  but  none  of  them  seemed  to  work.  I  guess  we  will  just  have  to  wait  for  a  fix
John, il y a 4 ans Réponse
On  the  100  platinum  glitch  what  do  you  mean  by  buy  the  dirt
Lucas, il y a 5 ans Réponse
I  tried  placing  then  removing  the  100  dirt  saved  and  exited  the  world  then  went  back  on  the  same  world  with  same  character  but  it  didn't  work
Alexander Barnett, il y a 3 ans Réponse
"Place  it  in  a  piggy  bank  or  safe  then  by  the  dirt  and  save  your  world."  Still  doesn't  make  complete  sense.  
Emi Harris, il y a 4 ans Réponse
When  said  buy  the  dirt  meant  by  the  dirt
Brian Rolland, il y a 4 ans Réponse
I'm  looking  for  a  way  to  have  infinite  mana  because  I  would  like  to  use  my  last  prism  for  as  long  as  possible  
Masster_Cheezzz, il y a 5 ans Réponse
A  great  way  to  do  it  is  to  use  a  mana  flower  and  a  bunch  of  stacks  of  mana  potions,  I  like  to  fill  up  the  entire  bottom  of  my  inventory  when  your  mana  runs  out  you  will  automatically  use  a  potion  this  should  get  you  thru  many  bosses  before  you  run  out.  I  would  say  that  you  could  go  on  for  maybe  at  least  10  minutes
ggdirpdragon, il y a 4 ans Réponse
I'm  looking  to  find  a  way  to  have  infinite  mana  because  I  would  like  to  use  my  last  prism  
Masster_Cheezzz, il y a 5 ans Réponse
I  meant  xbox  one
Masster_Cheezzz, il y a 5 ans Réponse
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