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Voici nos Guides pour Risen sur Nintendo Switch. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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The defeat of Brogar


Early in the game, Brogar's single attack can quickly reduce your health. Learn from Craig how to counterattack before you battle him (level 2 in sword). Make a wager with Craig and go head-to-head in the arena. Press [counterattack] repeatedly while fighting. He won't be able to harm you and will continue to deteriorate. You can take his weapon, cash, potion, and a part of the golden sword once he is defeated (which is part of the quest).

Eliminating lizards


When they appear in a group, pull your bow and hit one of the Lizard Elites or Lizard Warriors to defeat them more quickly. Check to see whether they are following you as you leave that area. Guys will aid you in killing them if you go to a place where there are men.

Finding hidden treasure: 


On the island, there are numerous locations where hidden treasure boxes can be found. While some are buried in graveyards or cemeteries, others are unmarked. A wide area of light brown earth that doesn't quite blend in with the surroundings can be used to identify them.

Position your hero on top of the area, then click the mouse while holding a shovel in your inventory.

It will only function if there is no highlighted text on the screen, such as labels for herbs, graves, or other objects.

There are more buried chests than those that are part of the Steelbeard treasure hunt.

  • Swamp: Enrico and Branon's excavation sites.
  • Harbor Town: As you stand in front of Commandant Carlos' fort, turn to the right (in an alcove with a skeleton)Tilda's Farm (Severin): Located behind a structure.

Both the Eastern Temple and the Monastery are located in alcoves that can be accessed by descending through the floor.

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