Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Complete Edition Cheats sur Nintendo Switch

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Cheats Cheats

Plants Vs Zombies: battle for neighborville complete edition doesn’t allow cheats directly through its platform. But you can make use of a trainer such as wemod or Plitch trainer to activate cheats. Both trainers have some great cheats you can make use of. 

Wemod trainer has the following cheats:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Set Game Speed

Using a trainer is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to download the trainer onto your device and search for Plants Vs zombies: battle for neighborville complete edition through the trainer. Make sure you have set your bitrate to 64bit. Enter the game and activate the cheats when you need them.



Costume Easter Eggs Œufs de Pâques

Plants Vs zombies: battle for neighborville complete edition has some epic costume easter eggs that come from various movies and series. Let's take a look at some:

  • Captain Deadbeard- Spongebob Squarepants has a reference to the Krusty Krab on it.
  • Finisher Costume- Reference to Mad Max. 
  • Space Cadet Zombie- Reference to emperor Zerg from Toy Story.
  • Future Crop- This custom is a reference to RoboCop. 
  • Highly Decorated Crop- Reference to Iron man.
  • Super Brainz- Reference to batman.
  • 80s Action Hero- a reference to the terminator.
  • CP Peashooter costume- Reference to Finding Nemo.
  • Wizard 1- is a reference to Aladin.

These easter eggs are unmissable. Every character is a clear indicator of the style of their references.



Unlock Characters Déverrouillables

The main way in which you unlock your characters in Plants Vs zombies: battle for neighborville complete edition is by purchasing them. There are a number of different ways you can purchase characters. 

The quickest way to earn unlock characters is by purchasing the Phenomenal Character Pack. This will cost around 75000 coins and is considered the most cost-effective way to get all the characters. 

You could save and unlock characters individually depending on how many consumables you need. A cheaper option that guarantees more consumables and a character along the way would be the fertilizer fun pack. This costs around 35000 coins. 



Earn XP in the Dance Hall Forever Glitch

Go into the character select screen and select a zombie you want to increase in XP. Turn on level up to get an extra 10% of XP. You need to select an extra account as well that needs to be on 80s action hero. 

With the 80s action hero, you need to perform the 80s action hero floating glitch. To do so sprint towards the edge of the stairs near the accuracy test building and jump into the air the activate your rocket ride followed by dynamite dodge. 

Go into the dance room and float onto the dance floor. Move your other character onto the dance floor and the challenge will begin. Play a few rounds with your ground character until you respawn. Choose the same character and you will see that you are still earning XP even though you have respawned outside the dance hall. 


Here's a video that demonstrates how to get the XP.


Play with all Characters Indices

Get the most success out of Plants Vs Zombies: battle for neighborville complete edition you want to know every character. That's why it is suggested that you play with all characters. Learn their strengths and weaknesses so that when you face them in the field you know how to take them down. 

You also need to make careful considerations when it comes to choosing which character to play with. You don’t want to choose a character that's going to get demolished as soon as you enter the game. 

To you time to get to know your characters so you know which ones will be the best to choose from for different situations. You might have particular preferences when it comes to choosing a character. You will never know which ones suit you if you don't try them all.



Stick Together Indices

Success is a matter of numbers. If you head out in into the map alone your chances of survival significantly drop and so do the chances of your team obtaining a victory. However, splitting up to flank your opponents can at times be a great strategy. Only separate from your team if you are assured of the strategic benefits.


Be Multiple Targets Indices

This tip is more directed at teams. Don't bunch up! When your team bunches together you basically become one easy target. Your opponents don't need to aim to get a shot. They can just burst fire into a crowd. 

Rather spread out and attack your opponents from different directions. Keep moving around to make yourself a difficult target. This should up your chance as a team to get a victory.



Assess Yourself Indices

Doing a post-match assessment of your gameplay is always a good idea. Try and check what you did well and what you can improve on regularly. This will help you improve your strategy and playing style at a fast rate. 


How to Play in the Battle Arena Guides

In the battle arena you will have two teams of 4 faced against each other in an elimination, no holds barred, obstacles, and destruction mode. The winner is the team that has one the most matches overall. 

You can play as one character per match and join solo or with 3 others. You can revive dead teammates but there are no respawns. After 2 minutes a round objective will activate and you need to complete it to win.



How to Play Mix Modes Guides

In Mix Modes you will be able to play in various modes such as the Gnome Bomb, Suburbanization, and Vanquish Confirmed. Mixed Modes consist of 8v8 players with the three modes mentioned above. 

In Gnome Bomb your goal is to find the Gnome bomb and use it to destroy your enemy's territory before they can do the same to yours.

In Surburbinations you need to capture and hold command posts which turns them into gardens or graveyards. As you hold and capture command posts you earn points. In the end, the team with the most points wins.

In the Vanquished confirmed mode your goal is to collect orbs by vanquishing your opponents. You will receive points based on how many orbs you collect. The first team to get 100 points will win the match.  



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