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Voici nos Indices pour Horizon Forbidden West sur PlayStation 5. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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Loot everything you come across


Starting out on Horizon Forbidden West can be a bit tedious as you need so many things to upgrade and find your way through items. This problem can be solved by early game looting, once you start a game, focus on looting as much as you can to create a stockpile that you can use to your benefit later on in the game. This will give you a nice boost to the speed at which you can progress and make the later game content a little bit easier.

Essential Missions for exploring


When starting out, as you go explore the world, you might notice that the lack of certain tools and equipment makes it a little difficult to get to certain areas. There are three missions that would make your life a whole lot easier as they supply you with the equipment you need to enjoy all the offerings of the world. Make sure that you have completed “To the brink”, “The Embassy” and “Death’s Door”, these will give you the tools you need to enjoy the open-world exploration.

Leaving The Daunt


After short tutorial-like gameplay, Horizon Forbidden West will unleash you on a smaller area called The Daunt. The best play for you would be to explore all that the Daunt has to offer, and learn the mechanics and the gameplay here before it unleashes you into the world. Learning how the world works and the best ways of going about certain ways will play to your advantage. Take some time to enjoy the scenery and learn the mechanics before you are thrown into the deep end.

Fighting the machines


Horizon Forbidden West offers a wide range of enemies for you to fight and brawl with, some of which can peak any player’s frustration. Fighting mechanical enemies can take a while, bashing them will take ages and not really get you anywhere. The trick to fighting these opponents is that you must focus on certain parts of the machine, severing components from the enemy will take a huge bite out of their health bar, making it easier for you to hunt these enemies down and part the parts that you have been searching for.

Using the upgrades


Horizon Forbidden West offers way more options in weapons and upgrades than its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. This gives the player way more options to mess around with, but also makes the idea of what to focus on a bit more fuzzy. While there are many options to choose from, it is recommended that you focus on just a few upgrades and play the styles that you want, upgrading a lot of things can cost a ton of parts and time. This being said, the first upgrades usually cost just a handful of parts, so once you find new things, it will be worth your while to find a workbench and grab the first upgrade. This will help you in the long run if you have to switch between equipment.

Loot in strange places


While a lot of the world looks solid and not interactable, you might just find that there is loot hiding in the strangest places. Like many games before it, there is a reason to go around smashing barrels and looking in car bonnets. Horizon Forbidden West offers loot inside barrels and cars in the strangest places, so it would be worth your while to go about breaking things and searching cars, you might just find a treasure trove where you least expect it.

Listen to Aloy


One of the great things about Horizon Forbidden West is that the main character Aloy will talk to you as you go about your business. In most games, the things that the characters say have mostly no impact on your gameplay, this is not the case here, however. If you listen to what Aloy has to say as the game goes on, she will give advice such as what element a machine is weak to when you scan them. Other information that Aloy offers runs along the lines of if you can complete a mission in your current state( She will mention that it is impossible because you need “special Equipment”) or whether the enemies have given up looking for you yet. So as you run around the world, it will be a great perk to you if you listen to what Aloy has to say.

Practice your Combos


This hint is if you are following your warrior talent tree. Most combat can be resolved with your bow or ranged weapons, but if you are following your warrior tree, then melee combat is your best friend. Going down your warrior tree will offer longer melee combos as abilities that can work in your favor if you know how to use them. Taking some time to learn your abilities and combos will greatly benefit you in combat all around the world. You can learn to use abilities such as jumping off enemies in the middle of combat and other agility-based moves, learning when to use these will make fights a little bit easier for you. In addition, knowing your combos will greatly assist you in boss fights which can take a while to win if you are unsure of your fighting prowess.

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