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That's All I Got Trophy Guide


To get the "That's All I Got" trophy, you must hear all five of Ellie's jokes, which are triggered when you wait a while at specific moments.

  • Joke 1 - In Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken, defeat all of the enemies in the area before you climb over the bus. Stand in front of it and wait, and Ellie will eventually get out her joke book to tell the first joke.
  • Joke 2 - In Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken, defeat all of the enemies in the bookstore and wait for the joke.
  • Joke 3 - In Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken, take a look at the poster of the model when you reach the flooded street. After you look at it, talk to Ellie. Once you finish talking to her, wait.
  • Joke 4 - In Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Hotel Lobby, climb the ladder, get the artifact, and open the safe. Once you've done all that, climb the ladder again and wait.
  • Joke 5 - In Chapter 6: The Suburbs - Suburbs, enter the house on the right and wait in the kitchen until you've heard all the dialogue. From there, cross the street and take a look at the "I'm Armed" message. Next, go to the ice cream truck. After that, head down the street until you can take a look at a red symbol on the wall. Wait there for Ellie's final jokes.

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