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Dernière mise à jour: 21 avril 2023

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Voici nos Guides pour Rain World: Downpour sur Playstation 4. Les articles les plus fiables obtiennent le plus de « pouces levés » de nos utilisateurs et apparaissent plus près du sommet!

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Keep things in shelters 


In Rain World, finding enough food is a constant challenge that frequently requires taking risks and narrowly avoiding predators. Bringing food into your shelter for the following cycle is one thing that eases the burden. Those tiny bats won't stay, but you can keep the blueberries and bigger prey, like the tiny orange centipedes. 

These foods remain after you hibernate, so you won't have to worry about running out of food during the following cycle. Other useful items that can be stored in shelters include lanterns, pearls, and weapons like bombs and bomb spears. Some items, such as noodlefly eggs, which hatch during hibernation, will even change if they are stored in between cycles.

This guide will show you how to store items as well as other tips to improve your gameplay

You can swallow useful items to utilize later.


Slug Cats have a secret third storage option—they can swallow things, but they can only hold two things at once. You can keep and regurgitate one non-edible thing whenever you like. To swallow the thing and spit it back up, just briefly hold the shift key. Since you never know when a dark area can appear, I usually keep a lantern in my Slug Cat's belly. To ensure that you can always trade with scavengers and pay their tolls, you may also keep a grenade or perhaps a pearl at a tricky location.

How to manipulate other creatures


In Rain World, not every monster is out to devour you, but the majority of them are rude. Yet if you're clever, you can take advantage of their particular modifications. See that squid flying around? To increase the height of your jump, grab hold of it. Look at that jetfish! Hang on tight and utilize it to traverse the water quickly. lacking a source of light? Take that lantern mouse with you and drag it into the night. If a huge spider tries to eat you, what then? Instead, feed it the lantern mouse. Rain World is a somewhat grim survival game, and despite Slug Cat's adorable appearance, survival is sometimes accomplished by taking advantage of other creatures. It's better to let a powerful predator eat them than risk being eaten yourself, right.

Make predators your friends.


Speaking of scavengers, these endearing but unstable rodents are excellent allies—provided they don't kill you for mistaking them for a threat. It would be an understatement to say that scavengers are jittery, and they become even more so when predators are approaching, as this is when they begin firing explosive spears in all directions. Fortunately, they operate on a global reputation system, whereby they gain favor by offering them pearls at various stores, tolls, or simply for fun. A lone scavenger may even join you for a bit and hibernate with you if you come across one in the wild. On the other hand, unless you want a harder playthrough, avoid hurting them or stealing their crap because doing so will make them actively seek you out.

Why not try taming a lizard if you're interested in creating an even stronger bond? One of these scaly boys will follow you around and may even hibernate with you if you feed him enough meat. The quantity of food needed varies depending on the type of lizard; however, towards the beginning of the game, the smaller ones aren't too difficult. They frequently fall off objects and can't follow you across regions, which is a problem. One of the small climbing lizards should be trained because it won't require much food and will be able to climb small objects.

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