NHL 23 Cheats sur Playstation 4 (PS4)

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NHL 23
  • CATÉGORIE: Jeu principal
  • Première sortie: Oct 13, 2022
  • Genre: Sport
  • Notations: PEGI 12, ESRB E10

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Ways to Better Your Game


Choose The Correct Archetype

After selecting the type of job you want, you must choose your archetype for career mode. Your archetype will impact your qualities and can’t be changed once your career mode has begun.

Make sure to choose the correct type of archetype, as it will increase the chances of your mastering the game and improve your techniques. Playmaker is one of the simplest archetypes for beginners and the best option for undecided players.

Use Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, players can run through training drills and practice their shooting abilities before playing career mode. Practice mode allows players to learn new skills and play one-on-one against a goalkeeper to improve their finishing touches.

Use Default Goalie Settings

Playing goalie can be extremely challenging when you have no idea which controls to use. Go into the “Settings” menu and select “Default” mode for goalie and leave your goalie on “Auto” for covering humans. This will prevent your goalkeeper from moving in all directions when you click “R3”.

ALCiNe shares some tips for NHL 23

Glitched Stride Deke


A stride deke is basically when you’re skating; you let go of the left toggle stick, hold down “L1,” and push to the right or left with the left toggle stick “L3”. When performing this move, there is a glitch version that gives you a speed boost.

To perform the glitched stride deke, you first need to open up your player's hip or do a mohawk by gently pressing “L2”. Once your player has opened their hips, you must perform a normal stride deke. This combination gives your player a speed boost.

You should use the glitched stride deke when they are entering the zone. When this move is performed correctly, you can avoid all your opponents and step up a move to score. 

CarPig shares glitches for NHL 23.

Behind The Net Goal Glitch


This glitch allows you to score goals from behind the goalkeeper's net. To perform this glitch, you must go behind your opposition's goal net with a player and have an additional player in support.

The hockey player in control of the puck must go behind the opposition’s goals and face the net. You can make your player turn around and face the net by pressing “L2” or “X” when you have gone behind the goal area.

Your player should now be facing the back of your opponent’s net. If you are using a left-handed hockey player, you must position your player's forehands, which are holding his stick, towards the right-hand side of the goal. A right-handed player must position their player's forehands towards the left-hand side of the goals.

You will notice that your opponent's goalkeeper will be leaning towards the side your hockey player's forehands are facing. The goalkeeper will move to the other side of their goalpost if the player behind changes direction.

Your additional player that is in support must be located at an 80° angle toward the backhand side of the goals. If you are using a left-handed player, your player behind the goals must perform a back-handed pass to the left, and right-handed players will perform a back-handed pass to the right.

The support player will then receive the puck and must shoot to score. The glitch in the game causes the goalkeeper to lean in the same direction as the player from behind; this allows you to score easy goals from either side.

ChelLife15 shares a glitch from NHL 23

Wrap Glitch Goal


This glitch lets you beat the goalkeeper's movements and score wrap goals. To score wrap goals, your player must go behind your opponent’s goals and run at a straight angle.

If you pass your opposition's goalkeeper on the right-hand side, you’ll notice that he will stand upright against his post and then move to a kneeling position when you are about halfway past the back of his goal.

When you are just about to pass the left-hand side post, you need to turn and make a wrap animation toward his goals. The glitch causes the goalkeeper to be delayed, and you can easily wrap the puck in the back of the net.

This glitch doesn’t always occur, and the goalkeeper sometimes manages to block your shot. You can perform this glitch and wrap around both the left-hand and right-hand side posts. 

Giemer shares a wrap glitch from NHL 23.

How To Score Goals


The goalkeepers have improved their cross-crease defenses, making it harder to score goals. To score goals, you will need to use a variety of Deke combinations, attacking strategies, and shooting techniques.

Goalkeepers can cover their creases a lot faster and will likely block a shot from range. One of the goalkeeper's weaknesses is stopping a single attacker close to the net; you will score more goals carrying the puck in with a single player.

It’s easier to score goals when you use a combination of Dekes, such as the forehand + backhand combination. Most goalkeepers will have a tough time blocking this combination, which is highly effective.

When coming around a corner or attacking the net from behind, use a left-handed player to wrap around and shoot in the right corner. You can also use a right-handed player to wrap sound and shoot in the right corner.

The secret to scoring wrap-around goals is to ensure the puck is behind your player when shooting. If the puck is on the side of your player, when wrapping around, it’s an easier save for the goalkeeper than if the puck comes from behind your player.

To pull the puck farther behind your player, you must sit back towards the side you are attacking from. This will open the far-side gap even more and give you a clean shot to score.

If you miss or your goal attempt is saved, there’s always a chance for you to score off the rebound. To score rebound goals, fire in a low shot from range and have an additional striking player in the goals box to tap in the rebound.

Lastly, you can score more goals by attacking the goalkeeper’s top left-hand side post. The shot is also sometimes called the “Cringe” shot and was very effective in NHL 21.

Unista1l shares a guide on how to score more goals in NHL 23

How To Dekes Beginner Guide


There are several Deke movements that you can perform while skating on the ice that will improve your chances of scoring goals. NHL 23 has incorporated all the old Dekes from its previous games and included some new ones for you to use.

The Backhand Tuck is one of the most utilized breakaway Dekes to fool a goalkeeper. You must hold your hockey stick out to your forehead to perform this move and press “L1” and “R1” as you approach the goalkeeper.

You can perform a Forehand Deke tuck by holding your hockey stick out toward your forehand and pressing “L1” and “R1”. This Deke is used to pass the goalkeeper when you are skating toward them.

The Forehand Windmill Deke can be performed by pressing “L1” and moving your right toggle stick “R3” to the left. This move will help you evade a charging goalkeeper when attacking the goals.

When you're close to the sideboards and want to get around an opposition player, you can use a Bank Pass to get around them. To perform a Bank Pass, press “L1” and “R2” at the same time, this will push the puck against the sideboards, and you can speed around the opposing player.

The Crosby Deke is similar to a Bank Pass; however, it will allow you to get around an opponent when you are behind their goalposts. To perform the Crosby, press “L1” and “R2” when you are behind the goalposts.

Aim your puck towards the back of the goal post so that the puck will bounce off the back of the net, and you can wrap around in a different direction. This Deke will make your opponent move in the opposite direction.

Leafer shares a guide on how to Deke in NHL 23

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