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Dernière mise à jour: 15 octobre 2021
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  • Première sortie: Jul 27, 2021
  • Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Adventure, Indie

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There is no secret ending to unlock. Originally, a secret ending was announced for the game while it was in development. However, the developer felt that the secret endings didn’t actually work for the sort of game this is, and so they weren’t implemented.

All Collectibles


There are numerous collectibles in the form of animals, glyphs, and sphere. You can replay chapters if you miss something, but restarting a chapter will erase your progress in other chapters. Keep this in mind if you want to get all collectibles, especially. If you go back to replay a previous chapter, you’ll also need to replay the subsequent chapters to finish the game. The video guide below will show you how to find all of the collectibles in the order you’ll come across them in the game, along with how to get all of the trophies/achievements as you play.

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On  the  main  menu,  in  the  Extras  page,  there  is  a  section  for  a  code.  Anybody  know  what  the  code  is?  Or  was  it  something  that  backers  got?
Dasan Zacharias, il y a 2 ans Réponse
Nous avons également une page pour ce jeu sur.....