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Items that are magically endowed gems can be found all across the game's universe. They can be used to imbue equipment with special stats like item level, rune points, and skill attribute points.

You can get runestones from quest rewards, training grounds, and hunting. They can be added to any slot that is present in the equipment you find. They can also be used to upgrade to higher levels. 

The runestone tree displays the passive abilities you need for your gear. You can use your gold to polish and upgrade runestones or upgrade materials. You can use quests or dismantle runestones and equipment to get the rune powder. 

There are six colors:

  • Blue: Protection – Defense
  • Green: Support – Support
  • Orange:  Control – Specialized Offense and Crowd Control
  • Red: Assault – Offense
  • Violett: Awakening – Buffs that come with a Debuff
  • Yellow: Fate – Utility

Rune points: 

Rune Attributes are additional effects that can be unlocked using Rune Points. The six attributes: 

  • Assault
  • Awakening
  • Control
  • Fate
  • Support
  • Protection

To activate the runestone, you will need to go into the inventory, runestone tab, and then right-click any runestone to activate the runestone management function.  

SaigaX gives you an in depth guide on the runestones.

Best Classes


There are six playable classes when you begin the game, and it's important to choose the best classes when you begin the game. 

After the fall of the kingdom, the remainder of the forces are separated into two realms. You will first have to choose a faction: Ontari or Vulpin. 

The difference appears to be lore-based and PvP-focused, so you can pick whoever you prefer. The main differences are:  

  • Ontari: practical and reasonable. The Ontari is a more honorable, mighty, and valorous military faction.   
  • Vulpin: fights for their cause with honor. Vulpin is more concerned with order, nobility and culture.   

Once you have selected a faction, you will not be able to create a character in the other faction. You will be fighting against the other realm on the continent of Harth.   

The playable classes are: 

  • Assassin: Is a typical rogue-like character with the ability to vanish in combat and then reappear to execute your enemies. The Assassins are a dual-wielding class with a number of great stealth abilities, some ranged choices, and utility abilities like a smokescreen. The shadowstar has a significant range, causing major damage. Their abilities include: back jumping, repeated backstabs, knock-ups, frontal strikes, and blinking forward. This class struggles with mob damage and struggles to compete with the other classes.
  • Elemental: This is the best and most highly praised class because they excel in a variety of areas in the game. The elemental is a standard wizard character who has mastered all the elements of the world. They are regarded as the top-tier DPS for farming and deal a large amount of damage to the bosses in PvE by using a combination of skills. The electric discharge and fiery bash can inflict huge amounts of damage on a single enemy as well as multiple enemies. Their abilities include: arcane, electricity, fire, and frost. However, this class doesn't have the best mobility, but they do have a low skill gap.  
  • Gunslinger: A cow-boy-themed character with reliable sidearms and other devices who has a lot of mobility. They are excellent for farming in PvE as well as mob clearance. The range will be your greatest ally in the game, and they can compete with the top classes.  Their abilities include: barracking their enemies, firing missiles, powerful aimed shots, suppressing enemies with consistent bullet fire, and throwing grenades. Gunslingers have poor single target DPS and lack utility. 
  • Mystic: They are considered the second best class in the game because of their support and AoE capabilities. Mystics are the native healing class that uses nature to heal the injured and destroy their enemies by escaping quickly and moving around the battlefield. They use their talents to spread poison to the ground and deal AoE debuff damage. Mystic uses that toxic cloud with the apedextrous, making it a horrifyingly powerful combination. Their abilities include: channeling spells and knocking out opponents.      
  • Slayer: Most players pick this class at the beginning of the game because it has exciting abilities, a big sword, and deals adequate damage in the game. Their abilities include: powerful two-handed weapons, which means huge swings, uppercuts, whirlwinds, and sending weapons from underground. However, they have a high skill gap in activities as well as a lack of mobility. The DPS numbers are high enough because of the skill point necessity, but in order to deal more damage, they have to fight hard against the other classes.   
  • Warlord: In the game, this is one of the most important classes because they are the toughest and are the resident tank class. Warlords have huge armor paired with giant weapons that will easily kill multiple enemies. They have outstanding defense and utility skills. They excel at single-target damage, which will help with the bosses. Warlords have high survivability as well as the ability to control mobs and silence them. Their abilities include shielding bases, leaping, and magnetizing enemies toward them. There are a number of combat advantages that control their enemies, which make up for the lack of range. 

The Archer:

The first post-launch class introduced. The Archer combines an AoE shower of arrows with potent focus shots that will hit targets precisely.   

Archers are the only characters in the game that have the longest range. They are able to move quickly and dispatch enemies effectively. Archers are able to detect enemies that are using stealth. We suggest keeping a distance from your enemy so that you can deal the most damage. 

The Paladin: 

This new class is a wielder of a sword and shield that uses aura powers that may switch between support and tank roles and can adapt to any situation. Paladins are melee fighters and use a light attribute. 

The prophet Metaton trained the Paladins to comprehend the flow of Mana. They were the ancient guardians of Harth. After the fall of Harth, their bloodline was almost severed, but their mission called them to protect the continent during the war. 

The realm you select will automatically include all further characters you create.

Elyon tries to help you decide which classes to choose.

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