Players Will Vote on Sunset Overdrive’s Post-Game Content

Dernière mise à jour: 10 mai 2014
Official artwork by Olly Moss

Official artwork by Olly Moss

The information floodgates are definitely open when it comes to Sunset Overdrive. We still don’t know what the frame rate and resolution will be (despite many rumors which were refuted by Community and Marketing Lead James Stevenson), but many more details have been revealed, including the game’s interesting approach to DLC.

DLC, or “post-launch content” as Creative Director Marcus Smith calls it, will involve you. Instead of Insomniac just deciding what type of content to release, fans will vote on it to give their opinion of what they do and don’t want to see. With frequent updates thanks to the Xbox One, new ideas can be readily implemented.

That’s pretty cool, and if you have any thoughts on what you’ve seen of Sunset Overdrive so far, feel free to share them with Insomniac, because Stevenson says fan feedback is important as they tweak aspects of the game.

So, what else can we expect from Sunset Overdrive? A lot of weapons and a lot of references. Microsoft has gone so far as to say “If you’re fan of anything, you’ll find something to love about ‘Sunset Overdrive.'” And as for the weapons…

Keeping in mind that Sunset Overdrive operates on the principle that “fun trumps realism,” this could be quite an exciting ride.