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Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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  • First Released: Sep 25, 2022

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Race Track References Easter Eggs

Uses officially licensed tracks out of its 16 tracks, 13 of which are actual tracks used for racing. Three of the tracks are fictional tracks created by game developers. The official tracks are:

  • Bristol Motor Speedway
    Cedar Lake Speedway
    Eldora Speedway
    Fairbury Speedway
    Knoxville Raceway
    Kokomo Speedway
    Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track 
    Port Royal Speedway
    Weedsport Speedway
    Volusia Speedway Park
    Williams Grove Speedway

The extra three tracks which were released later than the tracks above are fictional tracks. Here they are:

  • Federated Auto Parts Raceway at 1-55
    Lucas Oil Speedway
    Limaland Motorsports Park

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Car References Easter Eggs

World of Outlaws also makes reference to two cars that actually exist out of the six cars available in the game. There are also additional two racing machines that you can use. The 6 cars are:

  • World of Outlaws 410 Sprint Car
    305 Sprint car
    World of Outlaws Super Late Model
    360 Sprint Car
    Pro Late Model
    Street Stock

The additional driving machine which you can race in is the Super DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds and the UMP Modifieds.


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Outlaw Drivers Easter Eggs

There is also a reference made to actual drivers. Brad Sweet competes in the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car Series along with Shane Clanton who was the 2015 CASE Late Model Series champion. These are just 2 of the 25 Outlaw drivers used in this game.

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Unlock New Cars Unlockables

These come in the form of purchasing new cars and upgrading them. You have to win races and manage your team of drivers well to bring in enough cash to purchase newer cars and even more cash to upgrade them. As you win races you will find that more events will unlock.

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Reverse Speed Glitch Glitches

In most racing games your car would generally be significantly slower when you are reversing. With World of Outlaws, this is completely different you could practically compete in races whilst reversing if you wanted to. Whether this was done on purpose or not the reality is that cars cant reverse this fast.



Reaching the Top Hints

Like any racing game, your goal is to become the overall champion. In World of Outlaws career mode, you will have three championships that you can win. As you win one event the next will open. 

You will have to start at the local level and move your way through the regional level to the national level championship. As you progress you will unlock new tracks and will be able to purchase newer cars.

Cars and upgrades get very expensive as you move up the ladder so be sure to have a plan in mind. The competition gets more difficult at nationals so you might want to consider saving money to purchase upgrades later on.



Keep Financials in Mind Hints

Just like real-world race teams, you need to work on a budget. Not one set by the game but more one set by you. Cars and upgrades are very expensive. If you overuse finances towards the beginning of the game you might find it difficult to get new cars and upgrades for your cars later in the game.

This will make competing against cars at a higher level very difficult. For example, the 410 Sprint costs around $400, 000. That is just for the car. You then need to upgrade it which will cost extra. 

There are a few ways you can optimize your earnings. Firstly, make sure you have a consistent sponsor that pays you more over time. Don’t just take the first sponsor that comes your way in the game. Consider their offers and choose the right one.

Hiring the correct people can also bring in some extra money for you. Look at hiring the right sponsor agent, mechanics, and the right crew chief. Sponsor agents bring in more sponsors and help you hit your incentives. The right mechanic will help you save many on parts and sorting out repairs. 

You will also earn more as you move up the ranks by improving the car's proficiency levels. When you start out you don't have any proficiency rating. But as you rank higher the proficiency levels rise and so does the bonus you get from fans and sponsors.


The National Season Guides

The National season has 40 events throughout its duration. This might be daunting if it's your first time playing but you get used to it. You can also run shorter licensed-only seasons or you can take on all the tracks in the game.

You will most likely unlock the National Season while you are still busy with your local or regional seasons. It would be a good idea for you to prioritize saving so that you can upgrade your vehicle when you get to the national level. 



Getting Started Guides

When you start World of Outlaws you will have two choices to kick off your career. You can choose between two types of vehicles depending on what racing series you want to join. You will also have to select a team owner, a driver, a team manager, and a principal. 

The cars you can choose from are either your Street stock or the 305 Sprint Car. The 305 Sprint car is a winged open wheel with a single seat. It is perfect for racing the oval dirt tracks. The Street Stock vehicle looks more like an old fashion coupe with fenders over the wheels.

If you choose the street stock you are likely to have a more physical game with cars crashing into one another. If you choose the sprint car you will be looking at more powerful cars that help you progress further in the game. 

The series you choose to race in and the car you choose is completely up to you. Once you have done that you are going to hire drivers to help your progress. Hiring a driver might seem like a bad move as they generally get a cut of their earnings.

The benefits come in when you receive the points for races, sponsorship goals and a bonus is you don't actually have to race yourself. 



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