Yooka-Laylee Hints on Wii U (WiiU)

Last Updated: January 18, 2018

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Here are our Hints for Yooka-Laylee on Wii U. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Basic Tips


Buy moves from Trowzer as soon as you can. They’ll help you get more quills (and Pagies), and by getting more quills, you’ll be able to buy even more moves.

Expand worlds as soon as you get the opportunity.

Try different things with your moves to see what happens. They often have more uses than what you’re initially told.

How to Leave a Transformation


Holding the “roll” button while transformed returns you to your normal form.

All Ghost Writer Locations


Each world has 5 hidden Ghost Writers. Once you find all five in a specific world, you’ll be rewarded with a Pagie. Use the video guide below to help you if you’re having trouble finding all the Ghost Writers.

All Pirate Treasure locations


There are five pieces of Pirate Treasure hidden in the game, although they aren’t tracked with the rest of your collectibles. There is one in each world. If you’re having trouble finding them, use the video below to find all five.

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