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Last Updated: October 26, 2022

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  • Ratings: ESRB M
  • First Released: Jun 9, 2021

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Cheat Engine Cheats

Ninja Garden doesn’t allow games through its platform, but you can add games by using a trainer such as Plitch or Wemod. Both of these trainers are great choices for cheats and offer a guide variety as well. 

Wemod offers 14 cheats for steam. Plicth offers 10 cheat codes. Four cheats are free, and the other 6 are for premium uses. The cheats on Wemod are:

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ki
  • Unlimited Oxygen
  • Unlimited item usage
  • Unlimited Projectiles
  • Edit Golden Scarabs
  • Edit Essence
  • Essence Multiplier
  • Mac karma
  • Karma Multiplier
  • One hit kills
  • Set game speed.

The Cheats from Plitch are:


  • Prepare
  • Refill Health
  • Unlimited usable
  • Low Health

Premium Cheats

  • Add Karma
  • Add Souls
  • Gode Mode
  • Easy kills
  • Reset Karma to 0
  • Reset souls to 0

To use either trainer, you would need to have the trainer installed. Once you have the Trainer installed, you open it and search for your game. When you find the game, enter it, and you would need to activate the prepare cheat first. After that, you simply need to activate the cheats when you need them.

Heres a video showing you the cheats on Plitch.


Unlockable Suits Unlockables

Throughout the game, you receive different outfits. The Purple Ninja outfit is the one you start with but will fall away at stage 3. At stage three, you receive the battle Ninja suit. This is the suit you will use for the rest of the game.

Once you have completed the game, you can unlock other suits. These are the suits you can unlock.

Legendary suit

You unlock this suit by completing the game in normal or in hero mode.

Doppelganger suit

This suit has armor that resembles the doppelganger fiends. You will only face these when you play at a higher difficulty or in mission mode. This suit increases your health but decreases your defense.

The Grip of Murder suit

This suit is unlocked by completing the story mode on the hard difficulty. This suit increases your attack and defense.

Leather suit

This suit is only unlocked if you play as Rachel. When you reach chapter 5, you receive this suit. There are no other requirements needed to get this suit.

Formal Suit

You can win this suit once you have completed the game in normal mode or hero mode. This suit increases your health but decreases your defense.

Biker suit

The final suit that you can unlock from the story mode can be unlocked by beating the game in hard mode. This suit increases your attack and decreases your health. 

Survival Mode

Alternatively, you can also unlock items through survival mode. In survival mode, you can unlock weapon master unlocks, Ryu’s costume, Speed Master Unlocks, Ninja trials, and Hairstyles. 


Know when to Block Hints

Although the main tactic in the game is being the aggressor, Knowing when to block is super important. Blocking is best used in situations when you are faced with multiple enemies. While you are being attacked, watch your enemies' movements to know when to block. 

As helpful as blocking is to avoid taking damage. Doing it too often isn't suggested. When you block and just allow the enemies to attack, the damage eventually builds up to a block break. When this happened, you are left stunned and can take extensive damage. 

It's best to block when you need to and counter attack when you have an opportunity.


Counter Attack Hints

Using a counter attack is a great method to deal some damage to your opponent. It does, however, take some practice in learning when to counter attack. The best time to do so is in the small gaps between enemy attacks while you are blocking.


Cancel Combos Hints

Using your shuriken attack is a great way of canceling enemy combos and lining yourself up to get a combo in. The shuriken attack doesn’t have the highest damage, but it does stun your opponent, giving you the opportunity to cause greater damage with a combo.



Just like Assasins Creed Hints

Like Assassins Creed, you can run on walls! Learning to do this well is very important, as you will find it necessary throughout many areas of the game. Get used to doing this when traveling and fighting. Running along the wall is also an effective way to attacking enemies. 


Your Most Powerful Tool Hints

The Ultimate Technique is basically your ninja’s finishing move. This is the most powerful technique you have. Learning how and when to use it is important. As you get closer to being able to use your ultimate technique, your character will glow blue and then red. 

Once your character is red, you can activate your ultimate move. It would be best to spend the majority of the fight building your finisher and then use it towards the end or if you need to deal significant damage fast.


Attacking guide Guides

When you start out playing Ninja Gaiden, there are a few things you should know. You have your basic attacks. Your standard attack and heavy attack. A heavy attack should be used to break your enemies' defenses. They are slower and deal more damage.

When you have broken your enemies' defenses, they are open to being attacked. You can then put together combos by combining your standard attacks with heavy attacks to deal more damage. 

Combos are easy to create. You would basically use a set of combined attacks as such; standard attack, heavy attack, and then another 2 standard attacks. You can change the order of attacks to change the combo.

You can also thrust enemies into the air while attacking by pressing forward and heavy attack or if you are using the dragon sword, press standard attack and heavy attack.


Blocking Guide Guides

As mentioned earlier, blocking will save your life. While you are holding down the block, you can also press a direction that will move you while still facing your enemy. This is called the reverse wind technique. 

The reverse wind technique is useful for a few reasons. One is to close the gap between you and your enemy. Another reason is to get away from danger. If there is an explosion or projectile thrown at you, it can be a handy method to get out of the way.

You can also use this technique when your block is broken. When your block is broken, you are open to enemy attacks. This helps you avoid them.

Heres a beginners guide video to help your.


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