Little Nightmares Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

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Metronome Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

Tarsier are the developers of the game called Little Nightmares. At the beginning of Little Nightmare’s the character “Six” is shown waking up in a large suitcase. There are pictures that feature on the lid of the suitcase. One of these particular pictures reveals a Metrognome. 

This character is from a previous game that was created by the developers of Little Nightmare called “The City of Metronome.”

The Metronome also appears in the lair where the janitor keeps toys. Under a painting that appears in the lair, you will see a Jack-in-the-box that shows the Metronome’s head.

The secret room

Easter Eggs

At the beginning of the Lair level. You will go up a few sets of long stairs to the janitor's apartment. You must enter an office and find a chair. Once you have found a chair, you must center the chair into one of the tiles.

Once the chair is on the tile, you must climb on top of the chair, and the door to the secret room will open.

VikanGaming shows you some Easter Eggs in Little Nightmares.

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