Little Nightmares Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: August 5, 2022
Little Nightmares
  • First Released: Apr 27, 2017
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB E

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Metronome Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

Tarsier are the developers of the game called Little Nightmares. At the beginning of Little Nightmare’s the character “Six” is shown waking up in a large suitcase. There are pictures that feature on the lid of the suitcase. One of these particular pictures reveals a Metrognome. 

This character is from a previous game that was created by the developers of Little Nightmare called “The City of Metronome.”

The Metronome also appears in the lair where the janitor keeps toys. Under a painting that appears in the lair, you will see a Jack-in-the-box that shows the Metronome’s head.

The secret room

Easter Eggs

At the beginning of the Lair level. You will go up a few sets of long stairs to the janitor's apartment. You must enter an office and find a chair. Once you have found a chair, you must center the chair into one of the tiles.

Once the chair is on the tile, you must climb on top of the chair, and the door to the secret room will open.

VikanGaming shows you some Easter Eggs in Little Nightmares.

Dead Chef glitch


You must load the game and enter the kitchen. In the kitchen, you will see the chef that will want to capture and kill you.

Go under the table and run away from the chef. Once you are under the table, the chef will try to stick their hand under the table, and a glitch will occur. The chef will seem to be dead and will lie with their face on the table.

The game will freeze once this glitch has happened, and you will be forced to restart the level.

VikanGaming shows you a glitch that occurs in Little Nightmares

Blind monster glitch


In the second part of the Lair chapter, there is a blind monster that six will have to pass in order for you to progress. There is a glitch that occurs where the blind monster is stuck at the table and does not hear you walk past him.

The blind monster glitches at the table and does not turn around.

Bigsurf77 shows you some bugs and glitches in Little Nightmare.

Two Chefs Glitch


When you load part 3 of the game, you will be in the kitchen and will be chased by the twin chefs. You must run to the kitchen table and hide from the one twin chef. They will chase you and stick their hands under the table, trying to grab you.

You must just move from one side of the table to the other to avoid being caught. While one chef will try to catch you, the other will do nothing and stand in the other room of the kitchen. This is a glitch as both chefs are trying to catch you, but one will stand and do nothing.

Bigsurf77 takes you through soe glitches in Little Nightmares

Chapter 4 fatal glitch


When you start the fourth chapter of Little Nightmares. You will notice that there will be an event when a chef will come out of an elevator, and you will have to try to avoid the chef and run away.

During the chase between the chef and you, the game will freeze, and you will have to restart the chapter. This bug can be avoided if you rush towards the elevator and take refuge on the right-hand side of the doorway.

Once the chef comes out of the elevator. You must quickly run into the elevator, and the door will shut. You will then be taken to the second floor, and the glitch will be avoided.

The Janitor glitch


When running away from the janitor in the first part of the game, you will reach a stage in the chapter where there will be a cage that is placed under a door. Once the janitor chases you, you enter the room. The door will be slammed closed on the cage.

The janitor will be able to stick their hands through the gap and grab you. However, there is a glitch that you must exploit to beat the janitor. 

When the janitor starts to chase you down the passageway, you must wait for the janitor to get within two steps of you and then continue to run away from the janitor and reach the cage. Once you have reached the cage, you must break off one bar from the cage before the door slams closed.

This glitch will allow you to progress without the janitor grabbing you. As you have secured one bar, the janitor will not be able to grab you.

Once you have a bar, the door will be slammed, and you must then grab the second bar from the cage. This will make the door fall completely shut, and you will be able to progress in the game.

Krobarkrolak takes you through a game breaking glitch in Little Nightmares.

Save your game


In Little Nightmares, you do not have a life bar, and if a monster catches you, you will die and have to restart your level. It is important to save your progress in the game to ensure that you can restart where you left off.

Use the lighter


The game is set at night, and the visuals are dark and vague. Artificial light will assist you in discovering hidden secrets.

You must constantly use your lighter in the game. You will need to use your lighter to light up hidden paths, and it will guide you in dark ventilation paths.

VikanGaming gives you some tips and hints.

Conserve your energy


You must use the jump and run controls. Your character "Six" feels fatigued very easily and will need to take breaks if you use the run control in access.

Jumping covers your ground quicker and uses less energy for your character. Remember not to jump from high buildings as you will die.

How to Complete Ashes in Maw guide


In the first chapter, when you are trying to escape the janitor. You must start the chapter and find the Big engine/furnace area and begin to turn it on. Once it is on, you must wait for the gnomes to fuel the furnace.

You will notice that on the left side of the furnace, a ladder will be extended, and you must begin to climb up the ladder and continue to proceed in the level.

You will eventually make it to the janitor’s workshop. In the workshop, there will be the Nome statue will be situated on the workbench next to the table saw. 

You must obtain that Nome statue. You must first go into a room that is next door, and you will have to turn on the power.

Once the power is on, the janitor will appear, and he will go into the room. You must then use the stealth mode and sneak into the workshop and turn on the table saw, and take the Nome statue.

When you have the statue, you must run back to the other room and distract the janitor. Once the janitor is distracted, you must open the hatch and through the statue down the hatch and follow. You must throw the Nome statue into the fire, and you will progress to the next chapter.

Lex fleming takes you through a guide to complete the ashes in Maw.

How to get into the kitchen part 3 guide


The level will start with you, being Six, crawled up in a small vent. You must use a lighter so you can see in the dark. Once you can see, you must turn right and crawl inside an air vent tunnel that will lead you to a ladder.

Climb up the ladder, and you will reach a hallway with a hook on it. Grab onto the hook, and it will take you up a pulley system. Once you reach the top of the hill, you must drop off the hook and start to run down the hill in the same direction as the hooks are moving.

You must then enter a door and continue walking. You will then see a few crates with items that look like spaghetti inside them. Walk past the crates until u find a hole in the floor and drop down the hole.

Once you are inside the air vent, you must use your lighter to light your way. You will pop out on the other side of the hole and see a table with a candle on it and a statue. You must throw the statue on the ground and break it.

You must then continue to climb up the opposite wall and reach an area where you must push a trolley and jump up onto it. You will now be at the entrance of the kitchen.

Krystal109 shows you in gameplay how to get into the kitchen

How to get past the blind monster


You will start the second part of the Lair level using Six, the character. You will be positioned on a box and will have to jump down onto the ground. Once you are on the ground, you will notice the room will begin to expand. 

Inside this room, you will see the blind monster that will be facing a table on the opposite side. You must slowly slide and creep to the middle of the room.

The monster will hear you and look for you. You must remain calm and stick to the outskirts of the room. It is important to remain still as the monster will use his hearing to try to locate you.

The monster will walk up and down, searching for you. Once the monster has walked past you, you must slowly creep to the corner of the room. There will be a hole in the wall, where you must crawl into and go into another room.

PrutsFM punt nl shows you a guide how to pass the blind monster

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