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Last Updated: January 20, 2023

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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4
  • Ratings: ESRB E10+
  • First Released: Oct 20, 2016

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Unlock all Spells Early ( Year 1-4 ) Guides

You generally unlock spells gradually through the game, but there is a way to unlock the spells earlier. To unlock spells early, you first need to shoot Professor Quirrell with a transfiguration spell outside Professor McGonagall's classroom and swap with him.

Wait for him to change back, and then blast open the gates and enter. Once you are inside, grab a character token. You can choose any token. Leave and purchase the character token. 

Head to the Leaky Cauldron and access the memory board, choose your character, and you can play in free play and unlock dark wizards. You will also have all spells unlocked.

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General Cheats, Spell Cheats and Golden brick cheats Cheats

The Harry Potter Collection is a combination of Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and 5-7. The great news is there is a large list of cheats that work for both versions. We have general Cheats, Spell Cheats, and Golden brick cheats.

Keep in mind that not all cheats work for the same versions. Here are the general cheats which should work from years 1-7.

General Cheats

  • Carrot Wands
  • Character Studs
  • Character Token Detector
  • Christmas
  • Disguise
  • Extra Hearts

Year 1-4 Spell Cheats

  • Accio- VE9VV7
  • Anteoculatia- QFB6NR
  • Calvorio- 6DNR6L
  • Colovaria- 9GJ442
  • Engorgio Skullus- CD4JLX
  • Entomorphis- MYN3NB
  • Flipendo- ND2L7W
  • Glacius- ERA9DR
  • Herbifors-H8FTHL
  • Incarcerous- YEB9Q9
  • Locomotor Mortis- JK6QRM

1-4 Cheats for Golden Bricks

  • Golden Brick 1- QE4VC7
  • Golden Brick 2- FY8H97
  • Golden Brick 3- 3MQT4P         
  • Golden Brick 4  PQPM7Z
  • Golden Brick 5  ZY2CPA
  • Golden Brick 6  3GMTP6
  • Golden Brick 7 XY6VYZ
  • Golden Brick 8 TUNC4W
  • Golden Brick 9 EJ42Q6
  • Golden Brick 10 GFJCV9
  • Golden Brick 11 DZCY6G 

Year 5-7 Cheats

  • Carrot Wands
  • Character Studs Character Token Detector Christmas
  • Collect Ghost Studs Extra Hearts
  • Fall Rescue
  • Fast Dig
  • Gold Brick Detector Hogwarts Chest Detector Invincibility
  • Red Brick Detector
  • Score x2
  • Score x4
  • Score x6
  • Score x8
  • Score x10 

Using cheats is pretty easier in the Lego Harry Potter Collection. There are two ways you can use cheats in the game. A way is specific to the year 1-4 cheats, and another specific for the 5-7 year cheats.

For year 1-4 cheats, you need to head to the Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies. Enter the building and head upstairs. You will find a chalkboard at the top of the stairs that you can use to enter cheats. 

For year 5-7 cheats, you can enter cheats through the main menu. In the main menu, select extras and look for the cheats option. You just need to enter your cheats in there. General cheats can be used at either point. 

Heres a video showing you how to use cheats in Lego Harry Potter.


The Forbidden Forest Easter Eggs

Like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, there is a part of the game where you enter the forbidden forest and come across Hagrids old friend Aragog. Aragog is the giant spider that Hagrid saved when he was a student at Hogwarts.

The scene plays out similarly to in the movie. Aragogs family attacks you, and you have to fight them off whilst trying to escape. 


Unlockable Characters Unlockables

The Lego Harry Potter Collection has a number of characters to unlock. When you start the game, you will have three main characters. Harry, Hemione, and Ron. As you progress through levels, you unlock new characters. 

You can also find hidden characters around the castle. You also only get basic abilities to start with. As you move further and unlock more characters, you can also unlock more helpful abilities, such as strength for Hagrid, and spells, such as reducto. 


Split Screen Glitches

When playing multiplayer on a split screen, it has been reported that sometimes the main player can control both characters. If this happens, you just need to restart the game, and everything should be sorted.



Clock Tower Glitch Glitches

On occasion, the clock tower doesn't present you with a golden brick once you have completed the task. If this happens to you, either restart the game and make sure you create a new saved folder.

You can avoid this by putting the purple cog on the gear or by changing your character. You could try using snake first or try him last. Your best bet would be to try again by restarting.


Destroy Everything Hints

To fully complete the game, you need to achieve the True Wizard title. One aspect that contributes to you getting this title is by collecting studs. You find studs when you destroy items, so destroy as much as you can. 

Studs are also beneficial when it comes to buying characters or spending in Diagon Ally. Make sure you use them wisely when you find them. 


Know your Characters Hints

When you use different characters, you will quickly find that they are not all the same. There are certain abilities and functions that characters can not do. A great example is dark characters. Dark characters can enter places that are unseen, which other characters can’t. 

Goblins are another example. Goblins generally carry keys with can be used to unlock doors into different areas of the map. Get to know the perks and abilities of the different characters to help you through the game.


How To Complete the Game Guides

To fully complete Lego Harry Potter year 1-4, you need to complete 24 stages with the true wizard status, finish your house crests, rescue around about 50 students, collect 200 gold bricks, 200 red bricks, 167 character tokens and purchase all character tokens, bricks, and spells.

How to get Reducto

Reducto is a smell you learn in year 4. To learn this spell, you need to play each level at least play each level at least twice, and you obviously need to wait till year 4 once you have all the collectibles. Once you have made it to year 4 and have all the collectibles, you can learn Reducto.


Where to find the House Crests Guides

You can find 4 house crests in the game. To find the first one, you need to head to the left side of the tavern, and there you will see a table with a candle in each corner. Destroy both and rebuild them into a painting. You will then see crest 1.

For crest 2, you need to go outside. Head to the first shop on your left and wave at the shopkeeper to receive the next crest. Crest 3 can be received by using an explosive at the end of Diagon Ally. You will then return to the beginning of the alley, where you will find an empty barrel.

Empty the barrel and build a road sweeper. Use the road sweeper on the green puddles near the bank, and you will get the crest. For the fourth crest, you need to enter the bank. Go to the room at the back and destroy the silver lock. Then use hagrid to pull the chain and put out the fire. Once you have put the fire out, you will get the next crest.


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