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Last Updated: February 22, 2023

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In  coastal  rainforest  where    can  a  person  find  the  3  snowshoe    hares  and  what  is  the  best  weapon  to  kill  them?
James lowe, 1 year ago Reply
The  weapons  and  hunting  simulator  get  scores  when  I  kill  the  animals  but  there's  no  credit  for  anything  that  I  can  see  to  unlock  weapons
Thomas N Thorne, 1 year ago Reply
What  are  the  functions  of  buttons  on  the  ps4  controller?  I  am  missing  useful  items  in  the  game,  like  how  to  activate  the  map!  Please  help  me!!!
jon, 5 years ago Reply
It's  the  touch  pad  between  the    
share  button  and  the  options  button.  It's  measures  2"  horizontal  by  1  1/8"  vertical.
William Fleming, 9 hours ago Reply
The  smaller  options  button  near  the  scroll  window  on  top  the  controller.
Acra Tone, 3 years ago Reply
We also have a page for this game on....