House Flipper: Farm Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 8, 2023
House Flipper: Farm
  • Category: Expansion
  • First Released: Mar 30, 2023
  • Genres: Simulator, Indie

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Extension Wall Glitch


This glitch prevents you from bashing down an existing wall with a hammer after you have extended the building. 

After adding an extension to your building, you can only break through the existing wall and access your new building extension when you purchase a door from the store. Purchase a new door and place it against the wall, bypassing the glitch.

How to Farm


You can farm on your property with livestock or by planting crops. This will allow you to start earning some profits. To access the ability to farm on your land, you will first need to unlock farming by completing five standard jobs. 

You may need to complete several different jobs to unlock the necessary tools needed for farming. To start farming crops, you must use a garden hoe to till a piece of land on your property. Prepare the soil for planting seeds, and don’t forget to add some water.

You will then need to purchase the types of seed you want to grow from the store on your tablet. Various seeds are available, from a selection of tomatoes to sunflowers. Each seed has a different cost price and a specified amount of days until harvest.

Potatoes are the cheapest seeds, costing only $0.10 per seed. One potato seed will allow you to harvest eight potatoes, which only take two days to grow. You can make a daily profit of around $4.99 growing potatoes on your land.

Once you have decided on the seeds you want to grow, plant the seeds and water the soil. Now all you need to do is wait for them to grow until you can harvest each vegetable and sell them for profits.

Breeding livestock is an alternative method to gathering valuable resources like eggs from chickens and milk from cows. Livestock needs to be contained in your property, so you must first build or renovate the existing pens and chicken houses before purchasing livestock. 

You can purchase livestock on your tablet. Every animal has its own price tag. Hens are the cheapest animal, costing $34.85, and a horse is the most expensive animal, costing $3034.35. 

Toogii explores how to purchase animals and plant seeds in House Flipper: Farm

How to Install a New Front Door


You may feel the need or be instructed to change old and unwanted doors. To install a new front door into an exterior wall, you first need to sell the old and existing door with your selling tool on the radial wheel.

Once you have sold your old door, it’s time to install a new door by breaking a hole in the wall with your hammer. If you haven’t unlocked the hammer and cannot interact with the wall, you must open your tablet and purchase a new door from the store.

Place the new door that you have purchased on the external wall. The door will now appear on the wall, and you will be given a hammer to break down the wall behind it, even if you haven’t unlocked it yet. The broken-down wall will now make way for the newly installed door, and you will be able to open or close the door.

Rem's Deco provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a new front door.

How to Build an Extension on an Existing House


It’s essential to understand how you can build extensions onto existing buildings and improve the property for the owner. Many buildings have potential and can be extended in the game to create more space.

To extend an original build, go to an existing wall and “Click” on the right mouse button. The radial wheel will then appear on your screen, and turn the wheel until you land on the “House Building” option and select it.

A square foundation wall will pop up on your screen, which you can move around. Place the foundation square against the existing wall of the building. Once you have built the foundation, you can extend its perimeter by selecting the outer bricks and expanding them in your desired direction.

When the foundation has been set to your preference, “Press” or hold down on “E” to build the walls and finish the building. Add a door to the existing wall to enter the extension, as you can’t break it down or remove it with your hammer.

Bazingarama demonstrates how to build an extension on an existing house

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Clean First Before Selling Items

Cleaning your house or barn is the first step to successfully renovating the property for the owners. Start by picking up all the unwanted trash, and then you can sweep the floors from bottom to top in a motion.

Only once the property has entirely been freed or cleaned from all the unwanted dirt it’s safe for you to use the selling tool and sell off any valuable items.

Jump On Your Horse

Exploring and caring for a farm is your number one priority. Put the saddle on your horse and trot around the property to evaluate the necessary work. Using a horse as a means of transport is fun and faster than walking, so you will save a lot of time.

MarsCloud shares some tips for House Flipper beginners

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