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Last Updated: October 17, 2017

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Customs Tactics Setup Guide


You can use Custom Tactics to change the settings for your Build Up Play, Chance Creation, and Defense to make your team more effective. Here are some effective Custom Tactics set-ups.

Counter Attack

With this tactic, your opponent will have the ball most of the time. Your team's strength will lie in blocking their scores and stealing the ball. Therefore, your focus will be on a strong defense, high speed, tackles, and interceptions. Let your opponent focus on offense, so you can strike them when their defenses are low. You will use many different types of moves, depending on the situation, which is why the Chance Creation is divided evenly. You will need to use quick breaks and fast attacks, not giving your opponents a chance to defend.

Counter Attack Settings

  • Build Up Play
  • Speed - 95
  • Passing - 50
  • Positioning - Free Form

Chance Creation

  • Passing - 50
  • Crossing - 50
  • Shooting - 50
  • Positioning - Free Form


  • Pressure - 10
  • Aggression - 50
  • Team Width - 60
  • Defender Line - Offside Trap

High Pressure

If your team has players with high fitness stats and a lot of speed, you can use this tactic to put pressure on the opposing team and make the defenders mess up. Do not attempt this method if your opponent has a dominant striker. You will be trying to get the ball in risky situations, and your own defense is narrow, so you need big players, especially for your centre back. Your focus will be on shooting the ball often and making risky passes, with the goal of having large expanses of open space to work in when you get the ball.

High Pressure Settings

  • Build Up Play
  • Speed - 50
  • Passing - 50
  • Positioning - Free Form

Chance Creation

  • Passing - 75 (Risky)
  • Crossing - 50
  • Shooting - 75 (Lots)
  • Positioning - Free Form


  • Pressure - 85 (High)
  • Aggression - 75 (Double)
  • Team Width - 25
  • Defender Line - Cover


If you feel that your team is more skilled than your opponent's team, use this tactic to have your team keep the ball for long periods of time and force the other team to mess up. You will keep possession of the ball until near the end, when you will get goals with a few swift attacks. This tactic's use of the offside trap can be dangerous, and pacey wingers and forwards on the opposing team can undo its effectiveness. Therefore, you might consider using cover, instead.

Possession Settings

  • Build Up Play
  • Speed - 20
  • Passing - 20
  • Positioning - Organized

Chance Creation

  • Passing - 25
  • Crossing - 25
  • Shooting - 25
  • Positioning - Organized


  • Pressure - 50
  • Aggression - 25
  • Team Width - 50
  • Defender Line - Offside Trap or Cover

Penalty Kicks Guide


  • When you kick a penalty shot, you must time it so that the line on the composure bar stops at the center, in the green area.
  • Once you press the shoot button, the power meter will start to build up. Try to give your shot at least two bars worth of power, which will help you overcome the goalkeeper. If your kicker is a forward or an excellent player, let the power meter enter the red area, and aim for the upper-middle area of the net.
  • Aim with the left stick. Aiming for the corners is more difficult, because the cursor will speed up. If you aim high, with high power, the goalkeeper will struggle to block the shot.
  • If you press the shoot button a second time, your player will perform a stutter step before they shoot. In real life, this can trick the goalkeeper, but it rarely works against an AI goalkeeper.
  • The Panenka shot, in which you kick the ball straight at the center of the goal, is usually too risky to be worth trying.
  • Hold RB (Xbox One) / R1 (PS4) to use a placed shot. It will give you less power, but greater accuracy, and the ball can curve. Use this when you strike the ball to the same side as the foot your player kicks with.
  • If you are playing against a human-controlled goalkeeper, aim high and at the 25% or 75% marks, or shoot high and at the middle of the net. All of these will be difficult for the player to block. Vary your shots so you don't become predictable.
  • You can use the practice menu to help you learn good strategies for penalties. While practicing, you can press LT (Xbox One) / L2 (PS4) to use the aim-assist circle

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