Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Organize your loadouts


When building an assault rifle for recoil control, additional attachments can slow down its ADS times, making the weapon less effective in close-range combat. Adding attachments for faster ADS times can compromise aiming stability. It's not necessary to use all five attachment slots, and sometimes a weapon performs better with just three attachments instead of five.

Play Ground War to earn more XP.


The main thing you should be aware of is that ground war is one of the best methods for leveling up your weapons quickly. This is because you can get into a tank and use it to eliminate players and capture points, which all give XP to whichever weapon you have equipped.

Get Better At Those 1v1 Gunfights


To win 1v1 gunfights and level up faster in gaming, you need to consider factors such as your weapon, attachments, and position. Aim for your opponent's chest and hip-fire while aiming down sights. Jump-shooting or drop-shooting can also be helpful in close-range battles. Challenging an enemy with a long-range weapon when you have a close-range SMG or engaging with an SMG while carrying an assault rifle can make winning a gunfight difficult.

Don’t Play Too Aggressively


In Modern Warfare II, playing aggressively like other Call of Duty games may not work due to the fast TTK and slow animations. To compete with players who are scoped in, a hybrid playstyle is recommended.

Switch To Scorestreaks In Stead Of Killstreaks


There is no reason to use Killstreaks in Modern Warfare II. Take a look at the Weapons menu before jumping into a match to see if you can switch between the two. The reason Scorestreaks are better is that they essentially feature the same requirements as Killstreaks, but there are numerous ways to earn additional scores during a match.

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